CIMAS 10-Year Anniversary

CIMAS 10-Year Anniversary

CIMAS’s 10 Year Anniversary is regarded as an important milestone since it marks a long development period with a lot of remarkable achievements and impressive progress. All CIMAS big family was looking forward to this event for so long and finally, we were very excited to celebrate it at SUM VILLA Restaurant on July 13th, 2011

A training course of “TEAM BUILDING” was held for all CIMAS employees to join in the afternoon of this special day, bringing about valuable lessons of teamwork spirit to the whole CIMAS members.

 CIMAS Employees join “Team Building” training course

In the evening, a fantastic GALA DINNER for 10-Year Anniversary took place with the attendance of CIMAS three (03) shareholders’s representatives, distinguished guests from government office, CIMAS’s partners and all CIMAS staff.

 CIMAS Chairman, GD and distinguished guests cheered to announce the beginning of the anniversary party


The GALA DINNER officially started at 18:00. As the host of the anniversary, CIMAS Chairman – Mr. Hoang Minh Khoi, opened the Gala Dinner with a speech in which he strongly affirmed the right decision on CIMAS’s establishment that 3 shareholders made 10 years ago. He also conveyed his sincere thanks to all CIMAS shareholders, partners, friends and CIMAS staff, who have been accompanying CIMAS in all development phases that CIMAS has undergone.

CIMAS Vice Chairman and representatives of 3 shareholders were also invited to express their feeling on this event.

After that, CIMAS General Director – Mr. Li Ting Kuo also delivered his speech to review the success and challenges that CIMAS has gone through. During the past 10 years, CIMAS has transferred from a pure engineering workshop to a full scope engineering company and now become an EPC contractor. With the impressive progress that CIMAS has made, he strongly believed that CIMAS vision’s to become a dominant EPC contractor wining project in both local and overseas markets in 20 years is really feasible. He also expressed his deep gratitude to all clients, customers and CIMAS staff, who are always beside CIMAS in all difficulties and happiness and look forward to their continuous support in the coming time.

 CIMAS General Director made his speech

After the dinner party, CIMAS Chairman and General Director came to the stage and presented company special gifts for employees with 10 years and 5 years serving for CIMAS. Their loyalty and devotion to CIMAS’s growth make them distinguished from the others. CIMAS BOD highly appreciates their valuable contribution and believes in their continuous endeavor which will help to accelerate CIMAS up to a new higher level.

 CIMAS Chairman presented special gifts to employees with 10 years serving in CIMAS  CIMAS GD presented special gifts to employees with 05 years serving at the company

The stage of CIMAS 10-Year Anniversary is really “burned” with the music performance of CIMAS staff. With the accompaniment of music band, CIMAS employees performed special songs to congratulate CIMAS on its 10th birthday. The performances have attracted all people inside the hall. They cheered, sang, danced and joined together. There seemed to be no distance between bosses and their employees because all of them indulged in music. It is this music performance that links people with each other and connects CIMAS as a great family.




CIMAS Employees join in one happy song  Ms. Thuy Duong – Piping Department won the special award with the song “Mai Dinh Lang Bien”


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