CIMAS Badmintion Club

CIMAS Badmintion Club

                                                                                                          By Nguyen Trung Kien – CIMAS.

If you ask me: “What kind of sport is the most favourite in the world?”, I can give you an answer immediately: “It is the soccer”. And, how about in CIMAS?

Each company regardless located in Vietnam or in other place in the world always has its own culture. Since establishment date in 2001, CIMAS has set up a lot sport activities for its employee in order to strengthen team-building spirit and widen mutual understanding among company members. Badminton Club is one of the most attractive clubs having its own operating regulations for players to join.

In the early days of the Badminton Club, there were very few employee joining the club as permanent players. This is due to not many people realized badminton as an exciting and healthy activity, while the badminton playground was rather far away from our company’s office, which took a lot of time for employee to go there especially in the rush hour. Also at that time, many engineers had to work at overseas job-site. Therefore, a lot of efforts were made to team up players in CIMAS Hanoi office to join and maintain Badminton Club’s activities.

CIMAS employees play badminton after working time

Weekly, players of Badminton Club gathers and exercises with each other. The experienced players guides and coaches the starters. As a result, the number of CIMAS employees participating into Badminton Club has been increasing gradually in recent years. In 2012, CIMAS office moved to Charmvit building in  Tran Duy Hung street which creates a lot of convenience for players when the badminton playground is very nearby there. It takes employees only 5 minute-walking to the play area after work. During this period, most of CIMAS work are executed in Hanoi office, therefore, players have more time to practice and compete with each other.

CIMAS Badminton Club attracts many players from departments

Not only the club population increases, the players’ skills also improve considerably. The club members always try their best to learn how to make the most efficient body’s movement to serve the shuttlecock as well as control racquet skillfully. Like playing a musical instrument, there is still a big gap between a good player and a professional one.  Thus, each player in CIMAS is always striving to practice it regularly and as much as they can.

The competition match for Men’s Double 1st Prize in “2012 CIMAS Badminton Championship”

The most attractive and exciting point of the club is the competition among players. The idea was immediatedly supported by CIMAS Board of Director (BOD) when it was firstly proposed. Then, it becomes one of the annual sporty activities of CIMAS family. During “2012 CIMAS Badminton Championship”, CIMAS BOD even sponsored valuable prizes for the matches’ winners in the happiness of all participants.

“Playing badminton is a good way to improve our health, I really feel relax after each match. This type of sport is suitable for everyone at any age” shared by a badminton club member. Badminton, indeed, is an in-door activity which is not affected by the weather. It helps employee to release work stress. Utmost, it is an important bridge to team up people to build up CIMAS as a consolidate family. If you are interested in badminton, let’s come with us.

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