CIMAS Badminton Club

CIMAS Badminton Club

After a long hard working day, we feel exhausted and tired of stressful life. If we close the door and stay at home all the time, we may easily get stress and even depression. Our physical and mental health is affected in negative way. In order to maintain a healthy life, we have many activities to take part in, of which, playing sport is a good example. Being fully aware of the significance of sport, CIMAS has, up till now, opened two sport clubs to meet the expectation of almost its employees. These two clubs have been in good operation for several years and entirely sponsored by CIMAS.

Paralleled with the personnel development of the company, the number of badminton members is continuously increasing. The quality of badminton players have been strengthened with time. On the very first day of its establishment (2005), there were only some players. After 3 years of development, the scale and quality of badminton club are enhanced remarkably. Recently, badminton club have about 30 permanent members including both male and female. This improvement is mainly resulted from the enthusiasm and fervency of all Badminton members.

One of the most important persons who laid the first brick for foundation of the club is Mr Robin Wang, CIMAS former Engineering Manager in the term of 2005-2008. It’s a big mistake if we mention the success of the badminton club without saying anything about his role in the development of this club. He is one of the first persons who turned the idea of building Badminton club into reality. Three years ago, CIMAS had only Football club for men. This club is good but not enough to meet the sport expectation and requirement of practicing physical health for all CIMAS employees. Being aware of this need, Mr Robin and CIMAS employees, who really like sport, suggested to build up CIMAS Badminton Club. This proposal was immediately approved by CIMAS BOD. On the very first day of establishment, Mr Robin was the teacher of newcomers who had never played badminton before. He always took good care of them. He taught them how to play and showed them their mistakes. Like Mr Robin, some of CIMAS engineers, who had experience in playing badminton, were willing to help others. Thanks to the mutual help, this club is gradually developed and enhanced.

In order to create the excitement of players, all the expenses for this club including fee for ground renting, drinking, annual badminton prizes as well as club party are sponsored by the company. Badminton Championship is also held every year for all members to compete. This annual prize takes part in November. The winner will receive a small incentive present. After the award ceremony, all the badminton members will merrily enjoy a small party at restaurant. With this special policy, CIMAS creates good image and impression to both its permanent employees and newcomers.

Coming to Badminton Club on Monday and Friday every week, all the tiredness related to work and hard life seem to be removed and left behind. After playing badminton, our energy and strength seem to be refreshed for a new day. More importantly, Badminton Club also helps to improve mutual understanding and good affection between members of the company. Newcomers, who first time join CIMAS family, are introduced to the badminton club. How to express what excited they are to know that there is a so good club in the company.

Anyone, who are CIMAS employees’ relatives or come to CIMAS for business trip are able to join the club. Badminton club is free to all members. If you don’t believe this, please come to Badminton Club after the working time on Monday or Friday. You will be convinced by what we have said above. With the motto: “Health and friendship first”, CIMAS badminton club is always opened to welcome you.

Written by: Do Viet Tung

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