CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/ 2012

CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/ 2012

Nguyen Manh Tien – Piping Engineer wins CIMAS Best Employee Award of the 1st Quarter 2012

“It’s really really hard to define one best employee among a lot of excellent ones” It’s what the Talent Management Committee shares while they has to make the final decision on “CIMAS GOT TALENT” program in the first quarter 2012. As a result of a thorough and transparent consideration, this title goes to Nguyen Manh Tien – piping engineer which satisfies all managers’ and employees’ expectation.

          Tien received Award from CIMAS General Director

Brilliant mind – Excellent performance

Born in 1985, the former Hanoi University of Technology student officially became a member of CIMAS family in summer 2010 after passing the recruitment interview as one of the most brilliant candidate. Two years have passed. It is a short time compared to the career path of one staff but it initially reflects the deep passion, endless strive and outstanding capability of this engineer. With excellent understandings in technology field, high responsibility and good working style, Tien quickly acquires new knowledge and soon proves his strong competence. Recognizing Tien’s exceeding ability, Piping Manager trustily assigns him  CCP Phenol II project in the role of one checker –the position requires enough time and rich experience to be qualified for.  Besides a piping engineer, Tien is also known as a CAD specialist –one title that not many CIMAS engineers have. As the master of this software, Tien always timely provides support to colleagues of the same department and others when they call for help. His prompt action and kind enthusiasm are highly appreciated by his managers and colleagues.

Sunshine-like Personality

At the first sight, Tien seems to be an introvert man with gentle smile. However, he is actually so friendly and enthusiastic. Although he is too busy, he still spends his little time to help others in their difficulties and obstacles. Furthermore, it can be said that he is a patient guy who has strong determination in solving problems thoroughly. In both working and normal life, this excellent Piping engineer is keen on looking up and researching to obtain new values; thus, he is always open to others’ ideas and acquires the new ones to perfect himself. It is his personality that helps him win the love of everybody in the company.

…And the gift for deserved contribution

His unlimited endeavor and valuable contribution are, in return, responded by one special Award: CIMAS Best Employee in the First Quarter 2012. CIMAS General Director personally delivered this award to him in the witness and happiness of BOD and all department managers on May 08, 2012. He is absolutely deserved to this meaningful award, which marks a very first bright milestone on his career path. After receiving this award, Tien shared: “I don’t know how to say at the moment but thank to all of you for supporting me.” Congratulations to Tien! Wish you all best in your career path! And hope that more talents keep contributing to CIMAS development and we are looking forward to seeing you, one day, standing tall with the same feelings as Mr Tien’s.

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