CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/2015

CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/2015

Dang Bien Thuy – A train named “Victory”

“The life of an engineer likes a train which runs along the rail track and stops at consecutive stations as available schedule.” This is the sincere share of an Instrument engineer whose “train” recently arrived at the station called “victory”. It’s certainly not the final destination in his journey, yet this award is absolutely a shining milestone and bright start for him to reach the next goals. The guy we are mentioning has a special name, Dang Bien Thuy, the Best Employee of Quarter I/2015.
 Dang Bien Thuy – CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/2015

Being one of many CIMAS engineers who travel abroad so much to work, Dang Bien Thuy always remains “ready spirit” to stand up and go. He shares: “Working is the first priority to me; so no matter where I am assigned to,  I am 100% willing. It’s part of an engineer’s work because the more I travel, the more knowledge I can learn.” Currently, Thuy is working for TOP SPP Project which is running to the last phase. As an DCS engineer, Thuy is responsible for checking whether or not the distributed control system works well in the factory. Talking about his work, Thùy shared: “My day starts at 7:00AM to prepare documents for checking or submitting to the owner; 8:00AM work with Singapore vendor to altogether test control system which lasts till 5:00PM. At the end of day, I continue to prepare and adjust incorrect details. My working day ends at 9:00PM and 10:00PM, as per requirements of Singapore and Indian vendors respectively. After coming back to hotel, my work is still continued. The schedule is so tight that I cannot have a minute to relax. I feel my brain  keep storming in the sleep (laugh).”


Some may think that going overseas is a lucky chance for engineers to travel and see new things in a strange world. However, the fact does not happen. When being asked about people and culture life of the countries where Thuy has already stayed, surprisingly he did answer: “I have no idea! (laugh out loud). I am too busy to discover anything. We are engineers and that is the life of the engineers.” In Thuy’s case, he spends all of time for projects. “Weekend does not mean off-work. I have to make full use of time for reading documents and looking up more sources to know deeply what I am taking charge of. When falling into over-stressed, I will find a little time of Saturday evening to dine out on beer with foreign colleagues”, Thuy said.
 Dang Bien Thuy in Thailand Project

Talking with Dang Bien Thuy, we found that Thuy has a big love to Vietnam and always concerns to do something for his country. “Our country is well-known for hard working, intelligent and determined people. Therefore, as one of engineers dispatched to overseas site, I desire to leave foreign colleagues and clients with good impression on Vietnamese.” Besides, Thuy takes time to learn valuable experience from foreign friends. Three months ago, Thuy introduced to all CIMAS staffs a way to save recycled paper, which he learned from CTCI-Thai office. In there, they collect one-side used paper to print internal documents, in order to save paper and protect environment. Thanks to his sharing, CIMAS launched a meaningful campaign and raise staff’s awareness of saving attitude.

Feeling proud and lucky to be the only one working in the site of TOP SPP project in Thailand, the Best Employee of QI/2015 cannot hide his deep anxiety for taking this responsibility on his shoulder. He bears: “Winning the trust of company BOD and Instrument manager to be dispatched to jobsite is my honor. Thus, the duty is not for me only, but for the sake of the company. In response to the trust that managers place on me, all I have to do now is devoting my best efforts to this work.”

The project progress is so urgent that Thuy cannot spend time on taking care himself. He expends rare free time to ponder his homesickness. “I have been working abroad for months and my wife has to shoulder a father’s duty to bring up our baby also. It’s too hard for a woman to take care baby on her own. Therefore, once coming home, I always try to help her with the housework and play with our kid to make up for her. Winning the prize, I would like to send the biggest thank to my wife, who always stands behind to support me so that I can complete my task.”


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