Cimas Best Employee of Q1/2016

Cimas Best Employee of Q1/2016

Nguyen Ngoc Ly – Doubles “CIMAS Best Employee” Record


“CIMAS Best Employee” is a special award in recognition of outstanding performance and valuable contribution that one staff has made to the company’s growth. Certainly, any CIMAS employee has ever dreamed to “touch” it while working at the company. It’s not easy to achieve this prize and even harder to get it the second time. However, one beautiful lady of HR/Admin Department has marvelously conquered this challenge and double her records in a short period of time. She is no one else except for Nguyen Ngoc Ly who has just been voted the Best Employee of Q1/2016. lily
 Cimas GD presented Certificate to Ly

At this quarter two years ago, Ly’s name was the first time printed on CIMAS Talent list. She has never thought that one day, this award returns to her. Therefore, she couldn’t help hiding her surprise when the final result was publicly announced. Actually, what makes her succeed? We had an open talk with Ly’s direct manager – Ms. Phuong Hoa to find out the answer to this question. We caught the true pride and happiness filled in the eyes of this manager while talking about her fellow. In a cheerful voice, Ms. Hoa revealed: “I was extremely impressed at her trustworthiness and reliability in the recruitment interview 10 years before. My experiences told me that she was the right candidate for our vacancy that we were in need of. Unlike a shining star that made me overwhelmed, she gradually won my trust with her conscientiousness, diligence, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and well-planning. 10 years have passed; it is long enough to once again confirm that I was right to select her.”

It’s not exaggerating to call Ly “a CIMAS housekeeper” because she is in charge of everything related to the office operation and administrative works.   For example, if an o’clock runs out of battery – call Ly, the printer is out of order – call Ly, and celebrating an important company event – we also call Ly. To any working items, she always shows her devotion regardless the simplest or the most complicated. She seems to be born to do these works since she possess typical characters of a standard GA (general affairs) staff. She’s courteous, tolerant, adaptable, flexible, easygoing, friendly and co-operative. Despite being chased by many urgent matters at the same time, Ly still can set up a realistic priority to keep up with the deadline and handle the complex assignments effectively.  lily_3
   Ly in one out-door activity

As a diligent employee, Ly has never neglected any claim related to her duty even the tiniest one. These works may not be extremely difficult but require the prompt action at the reasonable time with positive attitude. Never does she appear to lose temple. While facing sensitive problems, she always keeps calm to find out the best solution. She is really a great listener who also has thorough analysis to make right and wise decision. Her clear communication and gentle persuasion enable her to gain the satisfaction of even the most difficult colleagues and partners.

Besides her main duty, recently Ly was assigned to take over other human resources works from two colleagues who are taking maternity leave. Although some work categories are not familiar to her, Ly is really eager to acquire new knowledge and perform them well. She doesn’t mind putting extra effort to complete her assignments on time.

10 years have passed since the first day Ly entered CIMAS. CIMAS now is not only the company providing her a good job; it is absolutely her second home. Therefore, it is not surprise when Ly takes care the company like her beloved home and other colleagues like her relatives. With the high work load that Ly is shouldering, the excellent performance that she is producing and the positive attitude that she is expressing, no one else in the company is deserved to this award than her in this quarter. Congratulations on her victory and we are proud to have employee like her.

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