CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/ 2012

CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/ 2012

The way to the title “Best employee of Q2/2012” of a CIMAS young guy

“The first days I came here, the feeling of confuse overwhelmed my mind since the lifestyle and culture of KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is absolutely different from Vietnam’s. A new world is open in my eyes but also drags along with it numerous challenges to a foreigner like me. I talked to myself:  “The first step is always the hardest, and hardship encourages us to grow up” bared Mr Truong Cong Khang, CIMAS leader of IRII U&O Project located in KSA.

Time flies so fast! It was over 6 years since this Instrument newcomer just entered CIMAS great family. At that time, he was the youngest engineer who owned quite limited professional knowledge and experience compared to other elder workmates. Yet, these factors surprisingly fosters him to utilize his all capabilities and nourish his ambition to become an experienced engineer who can masterly control project of any levels.


Truong Cong Khang

Khang continues to share about his work and life in KSA: “Beyond my expectation, the fact, indeed, is even tougher with harsh weather, strange foreigners, language barrier, etc. Every morning, I go to site so early but it’s still unavoidable to keep myself away from the burning sunshine which causes the temperature to accelerate up to 50 degree.

IRII U&O is a revamping project which is known as one kind of challenging works that any engineers feel afraid of joining in. Of course, I’m not an exception and obviously, I used to fall into stress while doing it. Moreover, many colleagues of mine, who involve in this project, come from various nationalities such as Taiwanese, Chinese, Turk, Pakistani, Indian, Arabian, etc; which requires me to understand English in multiform accents. Sometimes I have to ask them to repeat and repeat (laugh!).

However, all of these difficulties are frankly interesting experience that I may never forget till the end of my career. Seeing at this point of view, I always keep trying to adapt myself to this new life and working environment as well. Gradually, I am familiar with hard weather here; my English is improved a lot and I take advantages of weekend to enjoy Arabia’s special products. Nothing is impossible!”

In acknowledgement of all efforts to overcome obstacles during his transfer trip and the great performance that he has made for this project, CIMAS would like to grant him the title of CIMAS Best Employee in Quarter II/2012. It’s not a big gift but it is the recognition of CIMAS BOD and colleagues to the endeavor he has made during the past time.

He cannot be available at CIMAS office to receive the special gift and Certificate for the Best Employee in Quarter II, 2012 personally granted by CIMAS General Director as he’s on duty in far away country. From the bottom of our hearts –his dearest colleagues, we would like to give him our sincere congratulations. We really hope that each CIMAS engineer, in spite of where they are working, what project they are involving in,  always be dedicated for good reputation of CIMAS’s trademark not only in the domestic but also in overseas markets.

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