CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/2014

CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/2014

Pham Ngoc Huy: Turns challenge into action

Early April of 2013, CIMAS officially took over the package of detail design for Laffan Refinery Plant II Project (hereinafter called as LRII project). Despite of wealthy experience in dealing with previous projects in the field of oil and refinery, there are still a lot of difficulties that project execution team has to face with. In this short article, we are telling you the story of Pham Ngoc Huy – the Instrument Lead Engineer of LRII, who just wins the title “CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter II/2014”.

The Project Manager of LRII project – Mai Thanh Tuan shares: “CIMAS did carry out some similar projects in the past. However, LRII project is very special because its scope of work is too complicated with very tight schedule. This is the most challenge project that we have ever dealt with.”

“At first, total design manhour (MH) is estimated by only 15,000 MH for Instrument work. But up to now, it has been sum up to over 30,000 MH, which is double compared with original plan. This is a huge project marking the joint hands between CTCI Corporation and Japan Chyoda Corporation. In response to the trust of mother company – CTCI Corporation, we are always in the status of high commitment to ensure project to run smoothly”, Huy said.

A large number of engineers from Piping, Instrument and Electrical departments has been mobilized to participate in design work.  Of them, Huy was assigned to be the job leader. In such high pressure situation, Huy has successfully taken over the job and acted as an important link in the project chain.

“It’s pretty sudden when the responsibility of being instrument job leader of LRII project came to me. One morning, Mr. Hoan, Instrument Department Manager called me for an internal meeting and trusted me to do this job. Leading a project for the first time is really a challenge in my career”

Holding the Best Employee Certificate, Huy recalls stressful time that he and all other Instrument colleagues faced with. “I started with a mountain of insufficient information and confused items. Coincidently, the same situation happened with my contact window person in CTCI; therefore a meeting with CTCI project team was quickly held to clarify  everything. Then, I had to rearrange all the items again. Thanks to the joint supports of all the team members, we soon put everything in order. We do hope that the project commissioning will be finished successfully in the coming October. It will be a happy ending of our fruitful collaboration.”

At CIMAS, people come and be mature naturally like a plant develops from the land; absorbs the sunlight, raindrops and substances of soil from mother nature to exist and grow. To Huy, over six years have gone from the first day he entered CIMAS. Graduated from Faculty of Automation and Control but he applied to Electrical Department. After passing several rounds of examination and interview, Huy was qualified & selected to work in Instrument Department which he had no idea about when receiving the Job Offer Letter.

“I used to wonder what Instrument work is and how Instrument engineer does their task (laugh out loud). I was the only one newcomer joining the Department at that time. Thanks to the friendliness of all co-workers, I had no any feeling of anxiety or worry that a newcomer is likely to experience, except for my weakness in reading technical document in the foreign language. And I tried to perfect myself from that time.”

At CIMAS 13th birthday party, CIMAS General Director Mr. Lee, Ming–Shyan personally delivered the certificate, flower and reward to this Best Employee of Quarter II/2014. Sharing the proud moments with Huy, everyone hopes that he will lead his team to the glorious ending of this project.

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