CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/2015

CIMAS Best Employee of Q2/2015

Pham Doan Hai – the 2nd time becomes CIMAS Quaterly Best Employee

This is not the first time we have written about him.  About 9 months ago, we ever honoured him as CIMAS best employee of Quarter 3 in 2014, and now, we continue another story about him for the same reason when he once again made his name to be written in CIMAS “golden list”. He excellently became CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter 2 in 2015 after surpassing many other outstanding colleagues. Can you guess who the “character” in our hereafter article is? He is no one else except for Pham Doan Hai – Civil engineer.

Currently, Hai works as the lead engineer for 4 projects: PU, Dip2, Ti-Sponge and Thai Binh CWS at the same time. For Dip2, PU and Thai Binh local project, he leads works related to Architectural, Plumbing and Geotechnical which are not his major technical background at the university. However, Hai seems to have no difficulties to make up his success. In the eye of his department manager – Tran Dang Khoa: “Hai actively self studies to master any new work items with logical thinking and detailed observation. He always makes full use of each minute, regardless at office or at home, to accumulate and acquire any required knowledge.” Mr. Khoa continued: “I trustfully assign 4 projects to Hai at the same time because I completely believe in Hai’s technical capability as well as problem solving skill. Hai knows how to manage the time effectively to deal with urgent works and satisfy any customer’s request in the utmost professional manner. Hai’s performance always makes me feel secure”

  CIMAS GD presented award to Hai

Talking about this co-worker, Ms. Hong Chinh – one engineer of Nan Ya PU project said:  “Hai impresses me on his broad knowledge and high confidence at work. Under his coordination, design engineers, related departments and subcontractors of each project cooperate closely to complete their portion on time with the highest quality. Hai is a perfectionist, thus, in spite of his up-to-ear work, Hai always tries to coach each engineer in his group to ensure that he/she makes the right things for the first time. Inside his small stature seems to exist a strong determination, burning enthusiasm and great passion. Hai’s high responsibility spirit for any work he is in charge of really make us admire and respect him”, Chinh shared.

When being asked whether or not he feels tired and confused while leading many projects, Hai smiled: “Sometimes, I feel a little bit stressful because all projects need me to make decision on important matters at the same time. What I need to do is allocating my time budget effectively to avoid making everything puzzling or out of control.  The most important should be done first. I do not want to cause any stagnancy on other fellows’ work due to my over busyness. When the urgency passes by, sometimes I look back and think I must be grateful to my tight schedule because it helps to speed me up.”

 Hai in outdoor activities (the left of the sitting row)

Sharing about his concepts in life, Hai stressed: “I always bears in mind the thinking of trying my best for any matter I have committed so that never do I have to feel regretful for anything I have made.” For him, new challenges are new opportunities. He dares to cope with new hardship since he knows the other side of difficulties is the growth and mature. “It’s boring to repeat simple work day by day. Challenges make my life more interesting”, Hai said. What he is aiming at now is not only completing his technical work well but also mastering management skills both for project and human resource field.

In this summer vacation, he was voluntary to be the leader of one trip to Hon Dau – Hai Phong. Many of his colleagues couldn’t help feeling worried for him since he shouldered so many tasks. Yet, in contrast to other people’s worry, he negotiated well with tour supplier and set up proper program without any impact on his technical work. Unfortunately, several days before his vacation, he took duty to attend a special project meeting in Dong Nai. Failing to join the trip, a little bit regret but he didn’t make any complaint because for him, work is at top priority.

Hai’s efforts finally turned into fruits when the award CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter 2/2015 went to him. Our CIMAS family are proud to have such a distinguished member like him.

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