CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2012

CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2012

Can Quoc Tuan – The Best Employee Of Q3/2012

Out Loud Victory vs A Quiet Engineer


 Tuan received Best Employee Certificate & Gift from CIMAS GD

Some times one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent”

Dalai Lama (1935) – Head of the Dge-lugs-pa order of Tibetan Buddhists, 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that first impression is an important factor to judge a person at the first glance. We are often attracted by someone humorous, talkative or good looking but there are also those, the longer we stay with, the more we appreciate and admire. We would like to mention here one CIMAS guy as a typical example of this – Mr. Can Quoc Tuan – an electrical engineer.

Electrical Department is always regarded as the youngest team with active members in CIMAS. In spite of few members, they always go ahead in so many voluntary campaigns, outdoor activities and company events. Among easy-going, enthusiastic and energetic colleagues, Tuan is just a normal guy. He is not a man who immediately makes strong impression on others by his smart appearance or his brilliant achievements. Yet he knows his owned way to shine quietly but brightly. Like a famous statement: “I’m not the best, but the different.”

4 years ago, like other newcomers, Tuan entered CIMAS, focused on many training courses and involved in some elementary projects. Like a laborious bee collecting one by one basket of pollen and then one day, dedicating precious drops of honey for the life, Tuan patiently accumulates every experience and knowledge to be grown up. Frankly speaking, he might not be a brilliant engineer but it cannot be doubted that he is the one with most stable working performance among CIMAS employees.

As time goes by, he gradually shows his potential capability and wins the trust of managers. Currently, he plays the role of a Job Leader of Noi Bai International Airport 2 Project and FHS ASU Project at the same time. In addition, he also provides valuable assistance to Job Leader of CPC No. 10 SRU Project and strong support to Department Manager in controlling; instructing and supervising his inferiors. Tuan shares: “It’s 4 years since I joined CIMAS family but I have never experienced so many projects as right now. This means our CIMAS is driven in the right way and my belief in the company’s development is true. Participating in a lot of training courses, vendor meetings and executing many projects have really provided me as well as my team members with useful lessons and practical knowledge to perfect ourselves more”.

It comes as a surprise to him when Tuan knows that the title of CIMAS Best employee of Q3/2012 goes to him. Burst into happiness, Tuan does not forget to share his award with other co-workers who have always been beside him in work and private life as well. He said: “I am honor to be granted this award but I think all of Electrical members surely deserve it. We have made many efforts and altogether move ahead. It is my colleagues, who joined hands in bring about this award to me. This is not only a reward itself but also the motivation for each of us to keep moving forward and mature”.

Tuan emphasized: “Actually, the work loading during this time is quite high while manpower is limited. By increasing manpower recently, I hope our Department will be stronger and stronger so that we can conquer new challenges and obtain greater achievements. For newcomers adhering to CIMAS, never stop learning and gaining experiences then more opportunities will come to you. Take advantages of formers’ experiences because they are “living encyclopedia” for all of you to look up more”

“Action speaks louder than words”, sometimes we do not need show off many things. Our inner competence and sustainable growth make us different from others. It’s an out loud victory against silent efforts.


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