CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2013

CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2013

Minh Anh:” Architect is an artist. They walk, they dance and they fly in their world with no limitation of creativity”

End of October, Hanoi is tightly embraced in slight blast of wind blowing in weak and dry sunlight. In the mild coldof the late autumn, I have a cozy chat over a cup of coffee with one special female colleague. At the corner of one small coffee bar, the lady with black shoulder-length hair and twinkling eyes keeps smiling when I mentioned her victory of CIMAS‘s Best Employee of Quarter III/2013.

CIMAS: Firstly, congratulations! You know, you are the first female architect in CIMAS and more especially, the first female architect winning the title Best Employee in our company. So how did you feel when the voting result was announced?

Minh Anh: Extremely surprised. One year ago, when I started my probation at CIMAS, I was introduced this award in the orientation trainning. Yet, I have never dreamed to win such a big reward. Actually, every engineer in Civil Department is very hard working and deserves to be recognized. Therefore, this honor comes to me as a utopia.

                                  Minh Anh chia sẻ niềm vui chiến thắng cùng với đồng nghiệp của mình

CIMAS: You worked for a company of interior decoration for 5 years before entering CIMAS, which operates in engineering field. Is there any difficulty for your beginning?

Minh Anh: Of course, yes. Architecture in CIMAS is totally different from what I performed in the previous job. In my old company, architecture is a separate work and I can freely demonstrate my creativity independently. Yet, in CIMAS, architecture is one part of close relation with others. Therefore, I no longer do my work alone but to cooperate with persons in charge of other departments. Due to the feature of industrial buildings, my drawings are even made after Piping, Electrical, Equipment portions have been finished. The doors, windows, lighting, air ventilation are all dependently designed afterward. In the beginning, I was responsible for two projects Noi Bai International Airport T2 and Messer. At that time, I appeared to have no experience of Civil structure and shelter. I was really in a panic while managing brand new things by myself. However, things are, step by step, settled down thanks to the strong support from Civil Manager, Mr. Khoa, QHSE Manager, Mr. Long and my self-study from documents.

CIMAS: Working under pressure with strict deadline and tight schedule as such while you’re pregnant, isn’t it very exhausted?

Minh Anh: Sometimes, I just breath looking at the screen (laugh out loud). Luckily, I can arrange the schedule systematically so it’s unnecessary to work overtime so much. One day, due to the tight schedule, I had to work until 12am. My husband showed his displeasure to my late coming. Fortunately, he was afterward getting adapted to my situation, stopped complaining and started sharing housework with his wife. I should say thanks to my overloading, shouldn’t I? Also, I realize the busier I become, the more passionate my love for career is. Since Nanya PVC Sticking Tape Factory and Nanya Textile Processing Plant projects were kicked off at the end of 2012, I co-operated more with other Departments through project meetings, discussions, even arguments. I have many chances to learn and communicate which make me more and more active

CIMAS: Most of Civil members think that you’re smart and expert in architecture and  they really admire you. What do you think about their comments?

Minh Anh: I can’t imagine that my capability is highly appreciated by everyone. Honestly, stepping into CIMAS, I was a little bit shocked at the first sight. As an architect, I pay much attention to the color used for interior decoration. In contrast with my old colorful office, CIMAS “house” is covered with the white paint and blue curtains which creates the feeling of coldness, self-pity and loneliness. Belonging to Civil Department, I wonder whether I can share the common idea with concrete-alike Civil engineers. You know, architect is an artist. They walk, they dance and they fly in their world with no limitation of creativity. I once thought that no one can understand the obstacles I have to face. But surprisingly, it turns out I’m loved and recognized by my team members

CIMAS: What is the thing you love most in CIMAS?

Minh Anh:  “Young and enthusiastic”. My colleagues are all sincere persons who treat me well like a family. After one year working here, I’m respected and cared like elder and younger brothers and sisters. We live together without any competition, tension and envy. This is also the point that I love CIMAS

CIMAS: Thank you so much for your time. Once again, congratulations on your award. Wish you good luck and success in your career as well as family.

Our conversation ends here although we still have many things to share. It’s time for her to come back the small home where her little baby is waiting for his mother. It’s the happiness of a woman who enjoys working and happy family

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