CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2014

CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2014

Phạm Doãn Hải – Our Capricorn colleague

“Ambitious, determined, and practical – these traits sum up the Capricorn personality. He wants to get to the top to reap the rewards. His attention to detail and patience stand him in good stead in the process of getting to his goals.” It describes accurately a symbol of Capricorn man right here in CIMAS. His name is Pham Doan Hai – Civil Department, who has just won the award of CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter III/2014. The article is talking about him –a Civil “soldier”, who is always “happy to tread along a brow-beaten path, climbing steep hills and weathering nasty storms, as long as he knows that triumph awaits him at the mountain’s peak”;


CIMAS GD presented the prize to Pham Doan Hai 

In the fall of 2010, Pham Doan Hai left lecture hall and applied for the position of structure engineer at CIMAS Engineering Company. In the recruitment examination, Hai was regarded as a special case since his major didn’t fit the requirements of this position. Normally, candidates for Structure Engineers should be the ones who have the background of Bridge & Road or Industrial & Civil Engineering. Hai didn’t belong to this group since he studied Marine Construction. However, with good result of written test and strong communication skill as well as his positive attitude, Hai confidently surpassed other competitors and successfully persuade interviewers.  After entering CIMAS, Hai began studying by himself to cover the lack of professional knowledge due to his not-totally-matched major.  “Diligence is the mother of good fortune”, only 3 years later, Hai stood in the group of key persons in Civil Department thanks to his great competence and undeniable contribution.

In the present, born-in-1987 man is taking the role of checker and leader of three projects at the same time including Nan Ya PU Plant Expansion Project, Formosa Taffeta Tyre Cord Plant Expansion Project – Twist Unit and Formosa Taffeta Tyre Cord Plant Expansion Project – DIP 2 Unit. In the days of over head and ears in drawings and figures, Hai makes use of his short break to share with us: “My project team has many challenges to cope with. Firstly, we entirely carry out all these three projects in Vietnam without any technical support and check from CTCI; hence, when facing difficulties of specification calculation or new technical matters,  we have to look into various sources to find out the solution by ourselves.  Secondly, the different working style as well as the product format between subcontractor and CIMAS are also remarkable barriers. Among the three above-mentioned projects, the two latter  are done by  subcontractor and CIMAS is the checker. Therefore, our responsibility is to make sure that they can, in permitted time, create things in accordance with ISO standard and format that CIMAS requires. Thirdly, since three projects are progressed at the same time with the same tight schedule, it is unavoidable for us to get stressful.” With smiling face, Hai shared: “There’s one time I had a date for eating out on Saturday with my friends since we didn’t meet each other for so long; yet I had to work overtime. Too busy with projects, I missed the date and my friend did not talk to me through one week (laugh!).”

 “Staying with CIMAS makes me more mature, careful and responsible for what single thing I do. In additions, I am trained to keep calm and cool-headed when working under high pressure. I owe CIMAS a “thank-you”, Hai bares. “Working in this environment helps me a lot to clear my viewpoint and mindset. In my opinion, once we receive a task, we must give 100% effort and be responsible for what we stand for. My motto is never putting it aside unaccountably.”


Talking about the excellent individual, Civil Department Manager Mr. Khoa showed his brotherly pride. “In these projects, there is part of Machinery Foundation that no one in CIMAS can undertake. In the past, we always asked for support from CTCI experts. This caused inconvenience for project execution, thus, this time I decided to assign this portion to Hai for his research. Beyond my expectation, he studied day and night and did it masterfully. Now he even can train this portion to others  in CIMAS. Indeed, Hai is a very hard working and multifunctional engineer who I can absolutely trust. It’s the reason why Hai has been nominated for two consecutive Quarters of this year.”

Not so many people know that  Hai ever worked as a humorous tour guide before stepping into CIMAS family. He also performed well as an MC for big parties in his previous job. Writing here, suddenly we think of a famous sentence “Little body, great mind” which fits perfectly to our brilliant colleague.  With a devoted and hard-working person like Hai, we believe that any work assigned to him will be done well with all his heart.

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