CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2015

CIMAS Best Employee of Q3/2015

Le Quoc Hiep: “Pursue your passion, success will pursue”

 “Pursue your passion, success will pursue,” I do not remember exactly the author’s name of this saying; however, it has really become the guiding star for whatever I do in my life. We all know that our time is limited so let’s start focusing on our passions and not only doing what we love but also doing it well”, Hiep – the instrument engineer who has just won the title: CIMAS Best employee of Q3/2015 shared.
 CIMAS GD delivered the award to Hiep


      ….Coming to CIMAS

Talking about the “destiny” which led him to CIMAS, Hiep was so moved to evoke his memory. 6 years ago, he was a newly graduated student. He applied to CIMAS because it offered him one position that seemed to be suitable for what he studied at the university. Hiep said: “For me, the company is like a true partner. While many friends of mine are tired of changing their jobs since they have not yet found their right “working destination”, I was lucky enough to meet CIMAS in time of need. CIMAS is my “first love” and the longer I engage with it, the more I love it. CIMAS does not only give me a job I love, above all, it offers me a professional working environment with trusted colleagues and comprehensive training opportunities.”

…Becoming a competent instrument engineer

When being asked about his fellow, Instrument Department Manager – Nguyen Trong Hoan said: Hiep is a strongly oriented person who always chases his target with a clear path. Once he determines to master anything, he always studies it deeply and systematically. His brilliant mind along with devotion to work quickly made him a competent engineer in our department”. Sharing about this guy, Dieu  Huong – one instrument engineer expressed: “I saw Hiep’s efforts in enriching his knowledge when he was a freshman at CIMAS and now, he tirelessly shares his experiences with newcomers. Never does he weigh the pros and corns; just does his best with all his heart”. For him, work is always at top priority. He’s extremely eager to work overseas even for a long time since he enjoys working with foreigners to broaden his mind and practise English.

…Working as a passionate teacher

 “Good wine needs no bush”, Hiep’s excellence in English is widely known by all CIMAS members. Yet, this excellence itself is not enough to bring him such love and respect from others. Instead of returning home when the business time is up, he stays late and coaches his colleagues in English pronunciation and TOEIC practice. Seeing this picture, you can’t help thinking of an English class at a professional center. In fact, it is Hiep’s class at CIMAS office, free of charge and opened for anyone who desires to improve their English
 Hiep’s English class at CIMAS office

Phuong Thuy – one project control engineer who has been taught by Hiep admired: “Hiep has a soul on fire. It is his passionate enthusiasm that inspires me in my English study. Actually, I’m not a hard-working student. In the past, I attended many English classes but I never went till the end of any. However, when studying two English courses with Hiep for 6 months, I was absent only time due to the force majeure reason”.

“For “students” who are busy with family work and miss any class, Hiep always arranges his time to deliver them his personal lecture again. He’s even willing to get up at 4 am to check the pronunciation record that colleagues send him. For me, he’s not only a teacher, he’s a great passion transmitter” – Dieu Huong, shared.…And playing hard

Hiep works hard and plays hard. He’s a really great fan of Rock because Rock has something in common with his character: burning and ardent. He never misses any rock show regardless of small or big scale. He also spends much time and money to collect information about Rock bands and buy their CDs. Deriving from the love for Rock, Hiep studies electric guitars. When having free time, he can spend hours on his guitar without any breaking time.
 Playing guitar is his great passion

Back-packing is also another hobby of this guy. 3 years ago, he started his first back-packing trip. Overcoming his initial scare, now, he’s really fond of this kind of travelling just because it offers him practical experiences. “The more I travel, the limited I feel my knowledge is”, Hiep said.

Enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated, devoted, brilliant… all these words are not enough to draw the portrait of this best employee. For CIMAS, he is not only an outstanding instrument engineer but also an inspired English teacher and a real back-packer. The victory going to him has satisfied the expectation of all CIMAS BOD and employees. Congratulations and wish him more success on the way ahead.

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