CIMAS Best Employee of Q4/ 2012

CIMAS Best Employee of Q4/ 2012

Good wine needs no bush

Good wine needs no bush. This saying seems to be completely suitable to describe the case of one excellent engineer who has just won the reward “Best employee of Q4/2012”. Without any boast, his outstanding performance and sincere lifestyle are naturally known by all people around him. This is an objective recognition on the competence and personality of one person who is loved by his community. The person we would like to mention here is our Instrument engineer with the name: Vu Duy Phuong.

Phuong at his working area

Among many good employees, Phuong is selected to be the best as inevitability. What makes Phuong different from others? Let’s go over some short compliments given by people who have ever been working with this engineer to deeply understand why he wins their trust in work and their love in life.

 “Phuong always completes successfully his assigned portions on schedule. Vung Ang is a small project but there are many items such as Specification, layout, TBE, procurement, etc which Phuong carries out single-handedly. Although this is the first time he is in charge of designing the whole package, yet, project progress and quality are still met. I strongly believe that with the success he gets while he takes part in this project, he will become more mature and confident in the upcoming projects, shared by Mr. Le Tien Dung, PM of Vung Ang project which Mr. Phuong is involved in during two years.

Through a conversation with his co-workers, we also learnt that Phuong always actively does research and finds solution for sophisticating matters. Difficulties does not discourage him, in contrast, it explores his passion and motivates him to move ahead. Normally, it always comes to our mind that technical work is a boring and tough one. But seeing Phuong’s working manner, we have to change our mind. Technical work seems to be very attractive. This work fires his inspiration and he seems to be born to do this work.

Phuong is also recognized by everyone for his generosity since he never keeps his goodness for himself. Instrument Department Manager, Mr. Nguyen Trong Hoan reveals: “Phuong is a standard prototype of employee with high team work spirit. He is willing to share with his co-workers precious knowledge and experiences which takes him so much time and efforts to acquire.”  In the eyes of many Instrument colleagues, Phuong is a small encyclopedia; whenever they ask him for a favor, the answer is provided quickly and exactly. His prompt action and sincere attitude are highly appreciated by all members in our department.

When knowing to be the Best employee of Q4/2012, Phuong appeared to be extremely surprised. “I have never thought that this title would go to me because there are a lot of excellent engineers around me. I always admire them and they are deserved to this reward”, this modest guy bared honestly. He continued: “When participating in Vung Ang project, I can explore my own happiness and responsibility. Currently, my greatest concern is whether the Plant starts up on schedule. I hope that my contribution to this project will make a successful completion of this plant and I’m looking forward to seeing this result”.

“Good wine needs no bush” The author of this writing would like to once again mention the saying as its conclusion. No prize is more valuable than the recognition of people around us. It is, indeed, the highest reward for this devoted engineer.

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