Cimas Best Employee of Q4/2013

Cimas Best Employee of Q4/2013

The portrait of CIMAS’s Best Employee Q4/2013

“Finding a suitable company to work likes finding a partner to marry. Some enter marriages because of the love at first sight, some have a happy ending after a long time in relationship, and some find their life partners thanks to the help of the match maker. The “engagement” between CIMAS and me falls into the category of the last one since I know CIMAS via the recommendation of a “match maker” who has been working for Civil Department for more than 5 years” It’s the share of CIMAS’s Best Employee of Q4-2013, a beautiful lady coming from Project Control Department – Ms. Nguyen Thuy Hien.

With bright eye and smiling face, Hien said: “There’s a joke that setting the hand on the employment contract is the same as causing the marriage license to be signed and come into effect. Up till now, I feel very happy because more than one year ago, I made the right decision.“Marry” to CIMAS, I do not live in a nuclear family but stay under the same roof with more than 200 people. Regardless of differences, we strive shoulder to shoulder. This giant family has its rules, yet I still find my owned freedom. Each of us has one working place where we can decorate as per we wish. I feel free to set up my place: color and light, pictures and books, flowers and trees… just not annoy or bother other workmates. That’s the way Cimas respects its staffs and enables them to develop in their owned way. In CIMAS, I can lead my life and work as I desire”.

Ms. Loan, the person who is in charge of recruitment revealed that: My first impression on this lady is her cleverness and activeness. I remember when she came to submit her resume, I asked her whether she would like to apply for civil engineer or cost estimator because at that time CIMAS was looking for candidates for these two positions. Hien was trained to become a civil engineer but after graduating from the university, she worked as a project coordinator. She ever returned to her major of civil engineering, however, she quickly found that this work does not match her too much. Thus, when being asked this question, Hien promptly replied me “cost – estimator” because she clearly defined the goal in her mind.

Talking about this employee, Mr. Le Tien Dung – Hien’s direct manager openly comments: Cost-estimator is the position which fits Hien’s competency and personality. She’s smart, detailed and good at numbers. Her technical background and sensitiveness in cost items support her too much in work. Tight schedule and high pressure do not make her puzzled. In contrast, they generate the motivation for her to perform 100% of her capability and produce good result on work. She also possesses an active appearance and a modern manner. Decisiveness, independence, reliability and responsibility are what I can talk about this colleague.

In order to draw the vivid portrait of this best employee, we have a small talk with Dinh Viet Khanh  who is mentioned as the “match maker” above. Khanh and Hien are classmate at the post university. “Studying with Hien for two years, I find that she is very intelligent and eager for new study. She’s active and enthusiastic in all activities of the community she belongs to. She never follows any arrangement if she thinks it is not appropriate and always protects her ideas. Sometimes, she is thought to be quite stubborn, yet, finally she still shows positive attitude to critical comments and make a suitable change”

By the end of Dec. 2013, CIMAS talent committee votes for Hien as the best employee of the last quarter. This award comes as a surprise to Hien but it reflects CIMAS’s recognition of her efforts and endeavors.  In the achievement that she has today, she always keeps in mind the saying that “A single leaf working alone provides no shade” (by Chuck Page). “I cannot reach this success without the strong support from my dear colleagues”. Working for CIMAS, I do not only work for the company but I work for myself and my happiness. CIMAS brings me more than a work –a family. It is in CIMAS where I make friend with many lovely coworkers. They are nice and make my life gentle”, Hien continued to share her feelings with us.


In the praise we give Hien, we do not forget to mention other people who stand by her side “No one can whistle a symphony.  It takes a whole orchestra to play it” (by H.E. Luccock). We understand this and always strive for one common goal. CIMAS is the place we meet and stay together. We hope that the “marriage” between CIMAS and all employees will last for long time to build CIMAS a full house for all family members.

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