CIMAS Best Employee of Q4/2014

CIMAS Best Employee of Q4/2014

Hoàng Anh Vũ: “Sharing doubles my happiness”

From the past, our forefathers usually remind us to bear in mind a saying: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. It means that we should focus on only one major to develop  our career; otherwise we know everything but good at nothing. This idiom fits perfectly a guy who has been working for CIMAS for 10 years in the role of stress analysis specialist. He has just been awarded the Prize “Best Employee of Quarter IV/2014”. His full name is Hoang Anh Vu.


 Vũ recieved the award from CIMAS GD

In 2002, after being split from Mechanical Department to become an independent department, Piping leaders found it important to divide their professional work into more specialized sections. The classification was completed in 2008 and Stress Group was born. At that time, CIMAS had three key engineers who were trained professionally to do Stress portion. Vu is one of them. “Stress Analysis is a complicated part which requires the doers to be careful, patient and have strong technical competency”, Mr. Le Trung Kien, Piping Department Manager shares.

Attaching to Stress major for years, Vu is so familiar with his job that he hardly thinks of doing anything else. Stress Analysis consists of calculating and testing whether or not the system operates in a safe way under high pressure, high temperature, wind force, earthquake, etc. It can be said that Stress Analysis plays an integral part in big industrial plants. “The main difficulty that a stress engineer has to cope with is the pressure of schedule. It takes a lot of time to study the documents and follow the project. From 2008 till now, we won many projects related to stress analysis, so we always have to work 150% to 200% of our capacity. If it is not because our giant love and passion for what we are doing, we can never meet this high loading requirement.”

“Currently, the number of Stress members rises to nine engineers. Most of them are very young and inexperienced. However, they can take charge of stress portion in small and medium projects. All owe Vu for his knowledge sharing and coaching. As a senior Stress engineer, Vu never hesitates in helping his inferiors. Although Vu is now leading so many projects at the same time, including Laffan, C5, MD2, URENCO and P1 projects, he still spends his limited time to share knowledge with his colleagues.

Beside a brilliant Stress engineer, Vu is also known as a good example of husband and father. Out of working time, he is willing to share housework and child care with his wife. Vu smiles: “My point of view is very clear. It’s equal between men and women. We stay at office nearly 10 hours per day; so why women have to serve their husbands and kids afterward? They are people like us and need to take a rest also. When I was working in Taipei, a young roommate talked to me that he could not cook. I replied “Ok, practice makes perfect. Do it!” To me, nobody is originally good. Everything can be trained and studied. Back to my family, I usually feel guilty because I have focused on working so much. We have stayed together for 8 years but I spent 4 years working abroad. It’s high time to make up for them. Luckily, my wife used to work for CIMAS, so she can understand and never raises any complaints. The success that I gain today is the fruits of my family’s devotion.”


Vũ’s happiness while playing with his children

Busy at work, yet, Vu still has a corner of doing charity. As an active member of the fund named “For poor mountainous students”, Vu initiates the campaign “Meal with meat for mountainous children” at CIMAS office by calling colleagues to donate small money in a ceramic piggy bank. He hopes when many people join hand, it brings a better life for unlucky children in ethnic areas. “Sharing makes me feel serene and peaceful. There are a lot of miserable lives that I had chance to witness and it’s impossible to ignore. Certainly, it’s unavoidable for outsiders to doubt about what I am doing. But I sincerely believe in these meaningful activities and determine to keep moving toward.”

In CIMAS, the award Ceremony to this Best Employee of Q4/2014 took place on January 12, 2015. Standing in front of CIMAS BOD and Management Team, Mr. Hoang Anh Vu was totally moved. He expressed his feeling in words. “For me, the most important thing is working environment. I love the environment in CIMAS. Everyone is brothers and sisters, we are a family and nothing can change this.”

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