CIMAS Best Employee of QI/2014

CIMAS Best Employee of QI/2014

Our dear admin staff – CIMAS’s Best Employee of QI/2014

This article is specially written in congratulations and thankfulness we owe for one devoted admin staff who always “stands behind the stage” and silently performs her duty to ensure the smooth run of office work. She is Nguyen Ngoc Ly, the owner of the award “CIMAS Best Employee of Q1/2014”.

In the eyes of many people, admin officer is just like “a bride in an extended family” who has to take care variety of miscellaneous works in serving for a lot of people.   Although the nature of admin work is quite monotonous and repetitive, nobody ever disagrees that Admin staffs are very important to all companies, keeping things well-organized and working behind the scenes to maintain company in smooth operation.



Ly shared: “In CIMAS, Admin staff is in charge of many common duties. I perform administrative tasks to ensure that other co-workers can work efficiently in a comfortable environment”. One colleague who takes the seat next to Ly said “Some people may think that Admin works are very easy and bring more flexible time for admin staffs to do their private works. However, sitting next to Ly, I understand more about her busy tiny work and see how much pressure she has to cope with.

As the admin staff, Ly has to manage company facilities including office arrangement, decoration, maintenance, fire fighting, security, health & safety, stationery, emergencies, permit, licenses, social affairs, logistics,… to create and maintain a comfortable working environment for employees.  If anything goes wrong or any machine is out of order, Ly must try to timely solve the problem by herself or inform right repairers. She bears the pressure to keep working result free from mistakes and don’t allow herself to say excuse to any troubles.

                              Ly in the congratulations of many CTCI Managers and CIMAS BOD

Talking about this staff, her Department Manager Ms. Phuong Hoa said “Since the date she entered CIMAS, Ly has been assigned to enrich employee’s spiritual life. She should take care company events, activities, competitions, parties, music performance,… Behind the success of each event is the great efforts of such HR/Admin persons. Take the Year End Party for an example. Ly has to estimate the budget, choose location, select the dishes, allocate assignments, set up agenda and guide other people to coordinate in hosting an unforgettable dinner party.”

To perform all the duties effectively, admin staff like Ly should possess compulsory skills such as strong communication, multiple-task handling ability, long-time concentration and attention to detail and minor things… Most importantly, she should own a very sincere heart, a positive view into human behaviors and firm beliefs toward good things in the life.

Today, the saying “CUSTOMERS ARE THE GOD” – is the slogan everywhere. However, in CIMAS, Ly does more than that when she always serves her co-workers and clients like her own family relatives with thoughtfulness, meticulosity and deep care. Her mobile phone is always active because everybody may call her any time when something urgent happens even at mid night or early morning.  Whatever difficulties and challenges, she should find the way to do “super action” to settle the problem aiming at satisfying many people including her bosses, colleagues,  customers and clients who come from different countries with different culture, age and expectation.

The presence of Admin staff like Ly is rather silent and modest when she always stands behind to support other colleagues with her job-love and devotion. She always tries her best without asking for any gratitude or reciprocation. CIMAS is very proud to have staffs like her accompanying with the company’s development and appreciates her efforts in   creating the best service for this giant family. It is admin staffs like Ly who contribute to turn this working place into the second home for all CIMAS members.

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