CIMAS Best Employee of Year 2012

CIMAS Best Employee of Year 2012

Our “Arabian” Engineer

 “CIMAS Best employee of Year 2012” is reaching its final stage and the outstanding face is coming into sight. Different from quarterly program which recognizes employee with the best performance in the period of only 3 months, this program is of bigger size and requires the candidate to be the best for the whole year. Stringent criteria for nominees and harder selection for Talent Recognition Committees are two words to describe it. It comes as no surprise to all CIMAS members that this valuable reward goes to Mr. Truong Cong Khang who is called “Arabian Engineer”. His victory absolutely satisfied the expectation of CIMAS BOD and colleagues.

Khang on his working trip to Arabia
Traditionally, Lunar New Year is the occasion for family reunion. Expatriates always try their best to arrange the work and come back home on these days. However, due to work requirement, Khang has to put aside his private life to continue company’s assignment in Arabia Country.  If you are a Vietnamese person, you will deeply understand the unspoken sadness in his heart. No New Year holiday, no reunion with family, they are the great sacrifices that he has made, aren’t they? Putting us in his shoe, can’t we help feeling the loss? However, this young guy always gives top priority to his work. “I am young and I need to devote. No sacrifice is meaningless. If it is not me, another engineer has to take on this duty”. “I seem to be a warrior fighting for something lofty. It is difficult to name what I devote to but I know I need to do it with all my responsibility” Khang bared.
 Khang received special gift from CIMAS GD at his working area

Sharing about his work, he revealed that this is the first time he has worked as a field engineer. Seven years in CIMAS, he has experienced a lot of projects in engineering portion but not yet ever done this kind of work. This field, thus, is not familiar to him and of course brings about new challenges. However, this is also a good chance for him to acquire new knowledge and experiences because an engineer cannot know the differences between drawings and actual construction until he is assigned to site. All unmatched designs will be shown in construction phase. Working as a field engineer provides him an overview of the technical work and enables him to foresee the same mistakes which may arise in designing period of future projects. Knowing, foreseeing and avoiding the errors in new projects are the most valuable things gained by a field engineer. These vital experiences are not written in books and only acquired by actual cases.

This victory is resulted from his strenuous efforts. However, Khang always thinks that he himself cannot reap this fruits. CIMAS is his first company where he was trained from the simple lessons to sophisticated ones. He is truly grateful for his seniors’ guides and help. Khang also expressed his acknowledgement on his juniors’ assistance. “The close relation between all members of my department enables us to easily exchange knowledge and experiences, which plays an important role in my success”. Moreover, “although I’m working in a far away country but I still feel warmth since I am well cared by all CIMAS BOD & team members”.

With bright eyes and active manner, our small “Arabian” guy showed his endless endeavor. “No sacrifice is meaningless and no effort is non-sense. It is the motto that drives me forward.  I love my company and its people.” Khang bared.


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