Cimas Best Employee of the Year 2013

Cimas Best Employee of the Year 2013

Trần Thị Ngọc Hoa: “Becoming a CIMAS member is a turning point of my life”

“Và từ trong lòng ánh trăng, sáng lung linh nước vàng

Và không gian rộn rã vui, anh cùng em tát nước

Tung gầu nước múc trăng vàng, trăng lấp lánh soi đôi hàng

Ta tung gầu nước múc trăng vàng, trăng lấp lánh soi đôi hàng

Dưới vầng trăng là tình đôi ta sáng ngời”

           Ngọc Hoa in “Dancing in the moon night”


Looking at her grace in this belly dance, it’s hard to believe that she is actually a Civil engineer who is attached with “boring” design and drawings. Yet she does not think in this way at all. “Choosing a job at office means you should accept sitting at a stuffy place and in front of computer screen. But you are the one who makes the decision on what you do. So how interesting your work is up to you”, she shares. “Being a Civil engineer, I’m responsible for not only detail design but also supervising the subcontractors. Thanks to this multi responsibility, I become more flexible and well-managed. Standing as a bridge between the owner and subcontractors, my target is how to control subcontractor to make sure their products meet CIMAS’s requirements and satisfy owner’s expectation. It’s the only way to make everything run smoothly.”

Joining Nan-ya Nhon Trach PVC Sticking Tape Factory with very high work loading, Hoa has to work overtime day by day to catch up with the project progress. “It’s like I’m gone with working. I totally forget all tiredness caused by long hour sitting. I just feel so much happy to join a complicated project and have opportunity to do a lot of things. Honestly, I’m always attracted to new things and I find industrial plants to have enough features to meet my expectation. The biggest difference between civil and industrial building is the technology. Designing industrial work requests the engineer to update new technology and devote extra effort and intelligence compared to civil works. You can see, my job is no way colorless.”

owever, there was a different Ngoc Hoa in the past. In the words of Hoa’s classmates, she was a true bookworm in the university. Unlike other peers sometimes playing truant for love affairs or personal activities, Hoa spent all her times on studying. She always sat at the first row table, recorded all information given by lecturer and earned scholarship in every semester. Hoa was admired for her high intelligence, sharp logical thinking and steely determination. She was one of top students honored in Hanoi University of Civil Engineering in general and a mirror for her classmates to learn and keep chasing in particular. After graduation, following her parents’ advice, Hoa stayed to work for Consultancy Company Limited of University of Civil Engineering. Her life should have been ordinary like that until she came to CIMAS.

“Becoming a CIMAS member is a turning point of my life. My first job sounds stable and familiar to me. But I know that I have to seek for another challenge to change my quiet world.” Hoa bares. Thanks to CIMAS’s working environment, Hoa becomes more open and active. She shows her high responsibility in working and tremendous spirit in social activities. Her friends make a praise that she turns to be prettier, more feminine and livelier than she was in school. Some even cannot recognize her when they meet her again. Among many people, she draws so much attention because she talks a lot and never stops smiling. It’s no doubt that her most appealing point is her cheerfulness that it seems she never knows what sadness is. “Think simple and live fun, it’s my slogan” she laughs.

Talking about her title Best Employee of the Year, she makes a kidding that she practices a short speech in Honor Ceremony. “It’s just kidding! But to be honest, I want it so bad (giggle) even though I know there are many senior engineers who have deeper experience and more practical skills than me. I don’t know what I should say except for showing my heartfelt gratitude to my manager and all beloved colleagues for their kindness and support when I’m working here. Truthfully, CIMAS is a professional environment with coherent policies and clear career path.”

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