CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2014

CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2014

Nguyen Ba Tuan: “Will power wins every challenge”

Born and grew in the South of Vietnam, yet, Nguyen Ba Tuan started his career in Hanoi. After two months working for Sincerity– one shareholder of CIMAS in a project of oil transportation pipeline fabrication, he was introduced to civil engineer position when CIMAS was established in 2001.15 years of living and working in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has become his second hometown.  The gentleman that we are mentioning here is the one who has just been awarded the most honorable prize: CIMAS best employee of 2014 – Mr. Nguyen Ba Tuan – Deputy Manager of Civil Department.

 When being asked about the reason for choosing to stay in the North, Ba Tuan smiled: “It is CIMAS that keeps me staying here. Like many fresh graduates, at that time, I was eager to come to Hanoi at least one time in my life. I was so young and not afraid of changing my location. Luckily, I met CIMAS. CIMAS brings me not only the work that I desperately love but also a dynamic and challenging working environment. I grow up from training courses and mature myself through various project executions that CIMAS involves. CIMAS is the invaluable gift that the God has given to me”.


 Mr. Ba Tuan at Nhon Trach Site

Talking about this colleague, Mr. Tran Dang Khoa – Civil Department Manager shared: “Tuan is a high potential person who can shoulder the most difficult work. He always tries to enrich his knowledge with an aim of serving the work at the utmost quality”. Currently, Ba Tuan works as Construction Manager  of  PVC plant project – a role that not many engineers can undertake. “He was entrusted this mission due to his strong technical and managerial competence”, Khoa said.

“PVC is a difficult project, which requires a prominent leader with strong mind to work under high pressure. Tuan has great talent in project coordination, even in the hardest situation.  Assigning work to him, we can alleviate our worry. For this position, we couldn’t find any person who is more suitable than Ba Tuan”, said Mai Thanh Tuan – the Project Manager of PVC plant project.

 In a small talk with Nguyen Duc Trong – a civil engineer who works directly under Ba Tuan’s supervision in many projects, he shared: “Mr. Tuan frequently brings work to home and never goes to bed until his work is entirely finished. It can be said that Mr. Tuan is a leader of great persistence who never surrenders in difficulty. In work, he’s quite tough, resolute, sometimes conservative and hot-tempered”. His inferiors, therefore, feel a little bit stressed due to his strict requirement.  Yet, it is his strictness that helps us grow up.” Trong continued: “However, Mr. Tuan is very merciful, righteous, unbiased and sociable in daily life”. He can frankly scold if you do not complete your work, but after that he’s very tolerant and friendly.


 Ba Tuan in an outdoor trip

Till now, Ba Tuan has spent more than one year at Nhon Trach site for PVC plant project. Facing numerous difficulties due to strict requirements of owner, poor-capable subcontractors and tight regulation at site, Tuan can’t help feeling tired. Yet, he never gives up. In contrast, he determines to keep going on and overcome hardship. “For me, will power plays the most important role.  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right (Henry Ford)” and  “nothing will work unless you do.“ (Mây Angelou)

 “Receiving the honorable award of CIMAS Best employee 2014, I have to say thank so much to my wife who stands behind and supports me in taking care my family so that I can feel secured enough to work far away in such a long time. My wife is a Northern person who bears all typical characters of a Northern lady. She always tries her best to fulfill both company and family works at the same time. I’m truly grateful to her sympathy and sacrifice. Therefore, during my business trip vacation at home, I always help her in housework to compensate for the hard days she has undergone. Sometimes, I try to cook for the whole family “special dishes” of which, according to my daughter, some are good but some are very strange”, Tuan laughed.

The fruit of success is never gained without efforts and sacrifices. We highly appreciate Tuan’s great devotion and contribution to the company. The notable award that he receives today is not merely an award; above all, it’s the recognition of CIMAS Talent Recognition Committee to his real dedication. CIMAS will definitely become stronger and stronger as we have employee like him. As a conclusion, we just want to convey a message to him “ Ba Tuan, we are proud of you.”

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