CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2015

CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2015

Ngo Van Duan writes his own history for 2015

     “It has been 14 years since the first date I came CIMAS for interview. I well remembered in 2000s Mechanical Engineering is a “hot study” and my Hanoi University of Technology is the leading institution of technology training in Vietnam. Therefore, I was quite confident when applying for a job into CIMAS even though I still had no idea about the work related to Piping and Equipment. However, the road is not as widely open as I imagined. After a complicated IQ test and stressful face-to-face interview, along with 20 other candidates, I was selected to work as probation engineer, leaving behind more than 300 total candidates eliminated. Indeed, entering CIMAS was a huge challenge and a great pride that I ever had in my life.” This is heart-to-heart talk of Ngo Van Duan, Piping Deputy Manager who just won CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2015, the most wanted title for any individual in CIMAS.

     At the beginning, like many other newcomers, Duan was provided basic knowledge of basic design and applicable softwares. Young and energetic, he was always willing whenever being assigned to project construction sites or foreign countries. After 6 years living and working in Taiwan, Duan accumulated for himself variety of valuable experience and officially became the pioneer who set the first brick of Stress Section of CIMAS Piping Department. It’s not exaggerative when saying Duan is a master of pipe stress analysis and support design in our company. His eyes turn brighter when talking about Piping Department: “In the past, our main task is only supporting CTCI in 3D design. Yet, with 65 well-trained engineers, Piping Department have full capability to undertake a full plant design. We strongly believe CIMAS will mature up to an EPC company in the near future.”


 Duan (in black shirt) was leading his football team in 2015 CIMAS Winter Cup

     Hoang Tran Hiep, a Piping engineer shows his happiness when being asked about his superior. “Duan is our admirable elder brother. He is very serious and stringent in work, especially to inferiors like us. However, he never scolds at us, otherwise, shows his enthusiasm and dedication to help and support us. Besides, he is known as a downright leader. When we do something wrong, he will immediately guides us into right direction. All experience and knowledge that he shares are invaluable.”

     Unlike the image of a serious supervisor, Duan turned out to be friendly and sociable to everyone when working time ends. He actively participated in outdoor activities such as sport tournaments, summer vacation and special events in the company. “No more gaps between leader and member, only brotherhood remains after all. Duan is a thoughtful brother and a humorous colleague who plays hard in every game”, a Piping engineer bares. In 2015, Duan successfully led his football team – “Young Piping” who was considered as the least potential competitor among others to win 2015 CIMAS Winter Cup. Besides, he and his teammate also took over the highest place for CIMAS Tennis Dual Championships. “We make a joke that this year should be called Ất Duẩn, not Ất Mùi. He is the champion of every champion”, Piping Manager Le Trung Kien laughed and said.


 Duan (right) is honor to receive the Certificate from CIMAS General Director, Mr. Lee Ming Shyan

     In the eyes of his colleagues, Duan has a single-minded determination, no matter in work or personal life. Before taking any action, Duan always makes detail plan with a clear target. Once the target has been set up, he will give as much as efforts to achieve it. That explains why he rarely meets failure or unexpected incidents on the road he goes. It can be seen clearly in Rapid P1 RFCC project that Duan takes the role of Piping leader. In spite of extremely high work loading and limited manhour budget, Duan has led the project to run smoothly, without any complaints from client and CIMAS project team. Hoang Anh Vu, a member of Pipe Stress Group shares: “I feel Duan becomes more excellent projects by projects. He never misses any goals that he defines at the beginning. As a colleague and a junior working under his instruction, there are a lot of good working style and lifestyle that I could learn from him.”

     At CIMAS Year End Party 2015, after the name of the Best Employee of the year 2015 was announced by CIMAS General Director, we heard exciting chanting “anh Duẩn” from Piping Department. It presents not only the happiness but also the pride of all members to Duan’s victory. We believe this is the most touching moment that anyone desires to experience in a lifetime, aslo the most meaningful and priceless reward that Duan achieves after his continuous devotion during not only a year, but a life of 14 years with CIMAS. No need to say in words because we all know, the victory truly belongs to Ngo Van Duan.

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