CIMAS Engineering Department – Development and Growth

CIMAS Engineering Department – Development and Growth

To keep in sync with the company’s development, CIMAS Engineering Department has steadily progressed and obtained remarkable achievements through 10 years.

By carrying out on-the-job trainings for engineers and providing engineering service to its  parent company CTCI since 2001 when CIMAS was established, the number of its employees has increased sharply from 60 engineers to 250 engineers as expected in year 2011. Despite the fact that half of the current engineers have less than three years of working experience, with strong enthusiasm and willingness to work and learn, CIMAS engineers can offer professional design quality as well.

To adapt to the ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace and to maintain its price advantage, CIMAS engineers are required to improve work process, work efficiency, and professional skills to a higher level. By participating in CTCI’s major projects throughout years, CIMAS Engineering Department has built up its own experience and enhanced management capability.

Under the guidance of CTCI, CIMAS Engineering Department’s first priority is to develop full scope design and eventually extend to other fields like construction and procurement. To achieve this goal, the engineers have devotedly improved their professional skills and design quality since the last two years. This enables the company to make notable progress and strengthen its competitiveness in the local market.

 Mr. William Liu, the former Engineering Director of CIMAS, chairs the meeting with CIMAS professionals for a new project

In terms of organization, CIMAS Engineering Department consists of six functional groups, namely Piping, Process, Equipment, Civil & Building, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control. CTCI has recently sent its coach to CIMAS for PMI (Process Management Integration) training sessions, giving the department a thorough understanding of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) set up by parent company and refining the exiting one developed by CIMAS so as to generate a new set of SOP that fits the international and Vietnamese requirements.

In recent years, the above-mentioned functional groups have been given more opportunities to undertake vertical cut engineering work from some of major projects such as CPC D-HDS, CPC RFCC, CPC No. 6 NC, CPC Alkylation, and so on. Many of CTCI personnel have come to CIMAS office to supervise project design quality. Thanks to their wholehearted support, CIMAS engineers have gained a lot of professional experience and knowledge in project design.

Currently, the Department is taking advantage of CTCI MIS (Management Information System) and EAP (Engineering Activity Progress) System to customize our own system to meet local requirements. To some extent, such system has helped our engineers considerably in project man-hour control as well as working progress, project cost and schedule.

Another practical way to develop CIMAS Engineering Department is to arrange on–the-job training for outstanding engineers. With full support from Vice President Steve Jean and all CTCI Engineering Department Managers, CIMAS has dispatched a number of its engineers to CTCI Headquarters for such training. For examples, two electrical engineers have just finished Power System Design and Analysis Training sessions in Taipei office, another two equipment engineers attended Rotary Machine Training in Kaohsiung office, and more. Training programs for Plot Plan, Fire Fighting and many other important work categories are also put on the agenda and will be executed shortly.

In spite of many challenges and difficulties that lie ahead, CIMAS engineers are making our greatest efforts to make our vision “To become a leading internationalized provider of engineering services in Vietnam” come true.

(The author William Liu has served as former Engineering Director of CIMAS)

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