I am going to tell you about the things that I call “love” in my life. I give it a quotation mark because it does not mean the feeling between men and women; it is my very first passions to special things: football and CIMAS.

The reason why I call football my first love is we met each other when I was a child. Born and grown up in a poor small village, I have soon suffered many more disadvantages than children living in the cities. No parks, no games and internet is only a dream to poor kids like us. However, we never felt sad because we had our own way of entertaiment. In blazing sunshine of everyday’s up to 40 degree, yet we were truly dedicated to kid’s game like hide and seek, fly kite and certainly, the most wanted game is football.

“I’ve been falling in love with football since I was a child
I dream of score goal
On the football ground, I devote myself
The ball flies up and my breath seems to be held…”
 The song of composer Tran Tien seems to perfectly express all our love to the king sport. I dreamed of football all the nights. In my dreams, I screamed loudly when I felt my leg itself shooting the ball into the net. I clearly remembered how a match was taken place on the wasteland of our hometown. The agressiveness of players, the excitement of fans and especially, the friendship that we made is priceless.
I used to wonder “Why is the ball made up of many pieces?”. And now maybe I’ve got the answer. Football makes billions people have the same heartbeat, the same passion together regardless of their nationalities, religions and genders. Football connects continents all over the world and makes them to become one consolidated unity. It is the reason why the ball is a assemblage of separate pieces which represent different countries all over the world.

 The second love came to me when I was 23 years old. After graduating from university, I planned to contemporarily take a rest by spending time doing something I like or visitting some places to make up for 5 years of being busy and exhausted at school. However, all of my plans were broken since I first met CIMAS. Unlike my love-at-the-first-sight -football, I faced a lot of challenges to become an official member of great family CIMAS. Yet, like a famous sentence “No pain no gain”, the harder I tried, the sweeter the fruit I had. Working in CIMAS and staying together with CIMAS colleagues are the best present that I have never expected before.
 In some ways, CIMAS family can be compared to a football team in which every member have the same target and strive for this goal. More importantly, we are always willing to support each other for a stronger team. Living in such a family, I truly feel my natural love for colleagues, and the company which is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. My two “darlings”: football and CIMAS have totally different characteristics. The former is strong, active and impressive while the latter is much more professional, sustainable and reliable. Football is my “favourite” and my “passion” while CIMAS is my “soul” and “heart”.
 I used to think “CIMAS is only for work”; However, I’m completely wrong. In CIMAS, I have football and in football I find CIMAS. CIMAS enrichs physical and spriritual life of the employees by out-door activities of which football is the king sport that attracts most of CIMAS engineers to join. Football is not only for improving our health but also for relaxation after hard working hours. Every year, CIMAS always reserves one budget for the company football cup. Thanks to this great policy, we have more chance to practise “team buiding” activities. Thank football and thank CIMAS for all what you have given to me.

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