CIMAS Football Championship 2014

CIMAS Football Championship 2014


CIMAS’s Football Champion of 2014

Here came the summer. As usual, CIMAS Football Championship of 2014 started up and attracted the attention of all CIMAS guys and ladies who always had intense passion for sport. The preparation for the football tournament had been done for months and that was the time to display all the sport skills and practice during the past time. Departments including Piping, Civil, Electrical, Equipment, Instrument, Process, IT, Project, Sales, etc expeditiously organized the football team on their own, design uniform, invent slogan and work out playing tactics in an effort to become the undefeated champion of 2014. The nearer the starting date was coming, the hotter the “football atmosphere” was getting. All players and fans couldn’t help waiting any longer for exciting matches.

There are seven teams in a whole coming from all departments. Of them, 2 teams from Piping, 2 from Civil, one from Equipment in cooperation with Project and IT, one from Instrument and the rest from Electrical. After nearly two months of competition with attractive and fierce performances, Equipment (in combination with IT and Project) and Piping (young) were named in the final match on Thanh Dong ground. With the counter attack play and stature advantage, Equipment entered the match with low speed to preserve power against superior physical strength and wise ball channeling of Piping midfielders. And Equipment’s tactics worked.

As a result of making use of skillful playing style and golden opportunities; most importantly, keeping indomitable spirit over the whole match gave Equipment a convincing 3 – 1 victory against young and energetic Piping engineers in a breathtaking confrontation. Winning the match, Equipment became the champion of CIMAS Football Championship 2014, made an end to the empire of invincible Piping over the past four years and opened a new chapter of CIMAS Football Championship.

At the same time slot, reinforced concrete-like Civil faced lightning-like Electrical in the play off for the third place. After goalless official 70 minute draw, two teams stepped into 11-metre penalty shooting competition for the winner to be shown. After all, the third place came to Civil engineers thanks to their “warm hearts and cool heads” against the opposite.

In spite of strong-will and determination shown inside the touchline of the ground, every player felt happy and excited closing the championship. Players, coaches, referees and reporters spent time gathering to raise the glass, say congratulations to each other, and actively discuss best goals and funny situations. CIMAS Football Championship is a chance for unprofessional players to not only improve their physical health but also make friends and strengthen relationship between Departments and entire company.

Happiness of the winners
Owing to the encouragement of CIMAS Board of Director, sportsmanship, exhortation of fans and fair-play of players, CIMAS Football Championship 2014 closed successfully in the feeling of nostalgia of all CIMAS members.

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