CIMAS receives the distinguished contribution award for KM system the second time

CIMAS receives the distinguished contribution award for KM system the second time

On the first working day of New Year 2017 (February 02), CIMAS has welcomed a big gift called “the Distinguised Contribution Award for Knowledge Management (KM)” for the exceptional performance on the promotion of knowledge management in the year 2016. On behalf of CIMAS, General Director Mr. Lin, Shih-Pei personally presented at CTCI Corporation to receive this honor award in the witness of top management of mother company. This is the second time CIMAS winning over other subsidiaries to become the name to honor.

CIMAS GD-Mr. Lin Shih Pei (the second from the right) received KM Award

In the middle of 2013, to collate and construct the knowledge bank of the company, activate company intellectual property database as well as enhance company image and create added value, CIMAS had introduced a new system called Knowledge Management System (KM System) to employees. The internal system is a giant innovation since it works well with storing and sharing valuable information of engineering design, project management and related fields. After more than 3 years of use, CIMAS has applied this invention and until now, it is considered as “a small Google of CIMAS”. According to Pham Van Hung, CIMAS IT engineer cum KM’s super administrator, 2016 is a remarkably successful year of KM when the rate of online access and view is much more than 2015. It is proved that KM system has become an indispensable source for every CIMAS engineer to take advantage. Moreover, the posting rate also increases dramatically, which indicates KM no longer is a search engine, but a forum to share.

Presenting at the Award Ceremony, Mr. Lin, Shih-Pei says: “It is a well-deserved reward and recognition to continous contribution of CIMAS Board of Director and employees to KM system during the past year. We plan to develop KM not only as a reference library but also an official channel for CIMAS members to co-operate by sharing, exchanging and acquiring new intelligence.”

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