CIMAS – Our second home

CIMAS – Our second home

CIMAS – Our second home

Every July, CIMAS is happy to celebrate its birthday. This year, the event comes as usual, but I myself feel excited than ever before. CIMAS 15 Year Anniversary also marks my own 15-year working here.

I was honored to be one of the first CIMAS employees . The past 15 years are a quite long period and have witnessed my footprint here. My friends often ask me what is the attractive thing of CIMAS that makes me work here so long. The answer is very simple and true: “I love CIMAS. CIMAS is my second home.” CIMAS is indeed my special love. Through the time, such love becomes deeper and deeper. For me, CIMAS is something indescribable because it was ingrained in my subconsciousness.

Remembering the very first day when entering CIMAS, I just thought that CIMAS solely was a foreign company located in Hanoi and offered a suitable job with good salary. Such good things you may also see in many outside companies. Time flies, I gradually discover that CIMAS differentiates itself from others because it owns a very distinguished company culture which makes everyone remember forever, even ex-CIMASers also feel very warm – hearted whenever they recall CIMAS.

Like many other engineers, I was just a young engineer with almost no experience in engineering field. However, to enrich knowledge and skills for employee, CIMAS already built up a very lively learning culture. The headoffice dispatched senior engineers to come to Vietnam to teach and guide us. We read and studied all the books in the company. What we didn’t know, we asked our supervisors or emailed to ask expertises working in CTCI headoffice in Taipei. Once become mature, the experienced people deliver their knowledge to the younger generations. In the past, English was my nightmare, but now it becomes an useful tool for me to communicate confidently with foreign colleagues and partners. Then I grow up in CIMAS home day by day.

    The author – Nguyen Trung Kien – happy on CIMAS 15th Year Anniversary

Witness the development of CIMAS throughout the years, I feel a deep pride when I partly  contribute to build it up. Up till now, there habe been more than 200 employees in CIMAS home. Like siblings, we together shoulder company’s business work. We understand that the growth of CIMAS is closely linked with the growth of each individual, so we constantly cultivate more professional knowledge as well as English to motivate our development towards. CIMAS is our worth living home, isn’t it? Let’s join CIMAS and you will not regret about this.

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