Summer 2017 is quite strange to people living in Hanoi city since the weather changes unpredictably. It rains almost all the time but the atmosphere is still so hot, which makes everyone feel exhausted and stuffy. It’s high time to drink a “vitamin SEA” !

CIMAS has a different way to organize summer vacation and we are greatly proud of this unique way. Instead of providing employees with a fixed schedule to a chosen location, the Board of Director allows employees to select where they want to travel and design their tour schedule by themselves. By this way, all CIMAS-ers feel happier and more comfortable to handle their trip on their own. This year, the following locations have been selected after discussion: Ly Son Island (Quang Ngai), Ha Long Bay – new area (Quang Ninh), Linh Truong Resort (Thanh Hoa) and Serena Resort (Hoa Binh).

As annual, before the trips, CIMAS is overwhelmed by the atmosphere of eagerness and excitement. People gather and discuss, make plans and regularly update information for each other. It is not exaggerate to say that summer vacation is the happiest time for CIMAS members when they have chances not only to enjoy relax time but also introduce their family members. Kids have time to get new friends, adults have time to “chat chit”, strangers become closer, everyone is a true family

“Word can never say enough”, therefore, we post the pictures below so that you can imagine how joyful a holiday we have and how great a big “home” we own. Enjoy it, maybe you will join us in the next season!

On the mount Thới Lới – Ly Son Island

CIMAS beautiful ladies pose in Ly Son Island, a very gorgeous beach in Vietnam

Don’t forget to be healthy even when you’re relaxing

CIMAS family (another group) in Ha Long Bay to discover a very new Ha Long

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