CIMAS’s Commitment on Human Resources

CIMAS’s Commitment on Human Resources

At CIMAS, people are esteemed as its most valuable assets. This has become one of our mottos for developing CIMAS into a more distinguished EPC Contractor. CIMAS has been focusing on cultivating and strengthening its workforce. CIMAS’s success is mainly built up by hardworking staff members.

Human Resources: CIMAS valuable assets

CIMAS attributes its success over the past years to the endeavors of its staff members. In the early days, CIMAS only had 50 personnel. With the vigorous development of the company, currently CIMAS is staffed withemployees, which will continue to rise year by year.
Those who have worked or are working with us comprehendCIMAS’scommitment on human resources. Our core value builds on a motivated, dynamic, and innovative workforce. At present, more than 230 employeesat CIMAS enjoy working in a safe and healthful environment with favourable conditions to develop their careers.

To boost the CIMAS’s capacity and effectiveness in business operations, we plan to recruit 50 to 70 skilled and professional engineers every year and reward them with competitive salary and attractive welfare policy. We always give priority to offering trainings for newly-recruited engineers in line with international and regional standards.

The new staff members are granted one-to-two day orientation trainings to get used to the working environment of the company as well as get to know about the company’s policies and regulations. During 2-month probation period, we organize some other short-term training for the newcomers to enhance their knowledge and skills in various disciplines.

CIMAS always arranges professional and extensive training programs for its staff to enrich their knowledge and improve their abilities and expertise.

Human Resources: the motivation for development

With the philosophy: Human Resources– the motivation for development, CIMAS has created a professional and humanitarian environment, which allows everyone to worktogether in harmony, while inspired to develop their abilities. CIMAS people can therefore take care of their families without concerns over their future and fulfill social responsibilities as well.

In the workplace, CIMAS staff are provided with the most modern equipment and facilities applicable for their work, and the chances to take part in advanced training courses inside and outside the country. Every year, many professors and senior engineers at home and abroad are invited to deliver training courses and share experience with CIMAS engineers. Almost all of CIMAS engineers have been involved in engineering and construction work in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, China and more others to set up business relationships. The company’s competitive edge partially lies in its skilled and professional specialists and engineers, with university or higher degrees and good command of English, sparing no efforts to reach each target. This is of vital importance to help CIMAS meet clients’ high demands.

To implement corporate development plans for the short, middle, and long terms, CIMAS is committed to recruiting talented people for project management, procurement, construction, cost control, and many other aspects. We are open to any candidates who are motivated, professional, and passionate to serve the company with loyalty.

We strongly believe that the expertise, creativeness, and contributions of the staffs are the core factor for further development and success of the company. To retain talented people for the company and fulfill its commitment on its staff, CIMAS always treats its employees with respect, fairness, and encouragement through proper communication, incentive plan, and rewarding regime.

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