In the morning of gentle autumn in Hanoi, we are waiting to meet a very special person who has just received the honorable title “CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter III/2017”. In spite of being fairly busy, he still said ‘yes’ when we invited him to have a talk in person. Sitting in front of us is a young guy with glasses and neat clothes, making us a strong feeling of a professional style. Listening his share, we can understand the hardship but exciting challenge of the job named “engineer”. That is the reason we would like to tell his story to all of you, so that we can feel deeply proud of engineers like him in particular and CIMAS engineers in general. To begin the story, we are pleased to introduce to you “the Winner of Third Quarter 2017” – Mr. Dao Quoc Loi from Process Department.

Loi happily received the Award from General Director (left) and Deputy General Director (right)

Q: How are you? We heard that you have come from the site of Nam Son Incineration Plant Project. May you tell us about the time staying and working there?

– I spent about 7 months working as a Trainer at the Nam Son Incineration Plant Project. Because of the specific requirement of pre-commissioning stage, I needed to make sure a rapid progress with high accuracy. The plant is fully operated 24 hours per day and all 7 days per week so I also had to work overtime and particularly worked at night. During my work, I contacted and co-operated with Japanese engineers from Hitachi Zosen. I felt very impressed with their iron discipline, hard work, persistence and meticulousness to every detail; by then I also received many valuable lessons about time and work management. In addition, I had chance to work with URENCO’s operators who are very young and full of energy. They are keen to learn and learn new technology very quickly. Working with all of them inspired me so much. I also received a lot of support from project management team and my colleagues in CIMAS office. All of this has helped me accomplish my work with good results, which is reflected in the satisfaction of the owner and the knowledge and skill proficiency of plant operation team after they graduated from my course.

Q: We find so exciting at your sharing. We are sure that you have overcome many difficulties and curious how you can come up with solutions?

– This is the first waste to energy plant built in Vietnam and also the first waste to energy plant CIMAS has chance to take over; therefore it brings a very new concept to the owner, contractor, subcontractor and vendor. My task in this project is to train the operation team of the owner, which is also new for me at that time. Before going to site, I carefully study on relevant documents and personally facilitate training materials covering the technology of the project, steps of plant operation, possible raising problems and appropriate solutions. Then I started clarifying with related parties about work assignment, work interfaces and conducted training for the operators with my highest responsibility.

Process Department shares the great excitement with Loi. Two other members are on duty in Taiwan

Q: After coming back CIMAS office, you are leading two projects MAXIHUB and CSCC and substituting Process Department Manager Mr. Minh in department’s management works while he is on duty in Taiwan. Shouldering too many things at the same time, do you feel stressful and overloaded?

– Running multiple tasks at the same time is also a challenge for me. There are many things that I have not yet experienced before; however I believe that I will finish successfully since I get the careful coaching from Mr. Minh, Process Manager, the seniors from other departments as well as the teamwork from my colleagues. Thanks to beloved CIMAS, I rarely fall into stress (laugh!).

Q: Receiving the honor Award “Best Employee of Q3/2017”, what do you feel? Have you once thought of this title coming to you?

– Honestly, I was very happy and surprised when getting the good news. When giving me the certificate, CIMAS General Director Mr. Lin Shih Pei asked me how a department with only four members can make big achievement like this. I think the best answer is our trust and support to each other, this is “little body, great mind”. This is the big return not only for me but also for the whole Process Department. I also would like to save my appreciation to my family for always sharing and encouraging me to do my job well.

Q: You have been engaged with CIMAS for over 9 years. How is CIMAS in your eyes? What is the thing you love most in CIMAS?

– CIMAS is an ideal and professional working environment where the top management team always create the best conditions for you to promote your role and competency. CIMAS also has young and dynamic staffs who always foster the mutual cooperation to achieve success in the work.

Q: “CIMAS Quarterly Best Employee” is a desirable award to everyone. May you share with us your “secret recipe” to win the honorable prize?

– In work or in life, I usually keep a positive view: “Behind every challenge is a solution. Mistakes and failures only make us more mature, like been said “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Therefore, whenever doing anything, I always start with positive thinking: “Trying your best and success will definitely come.”

Q: We are very glad to see you today. Thank you so much for your share and once again, congratulations, Mr Loi. We really look forward to hearing bigger achievements that you will have in future.

– Thank you for giving me the chance to bare. Wish CIMAS become bigger and stronger!


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