CIMAS General Director Mr. Lin Shih Pei (left) personally gives Award to Khanh in CIMAS Year End Party

It’s the first time in CIMAS Talent Recognition Program a person has ever been recorded being nominated five times as the Best Employee in a year (all four Quarters and the Year). It is more special that he is nominated in trust not only by his department manager but also by all his department co-workers who love and admire his personality and contributions. The special person we are talking about is Dinh Viet Khanh, the Civil Lead Engineer of LIWA Project, and CIMAS Best Employee of the fourth Quarter 2017.

It’s completely hard to contact the Best Employee of Quarter IV/2017 for a little share because he has no spare gap in his time; but finally we meet him in the mid of his lunch. In a talk, we find that Khanh is fairly positive and straightforward in sharing. So many works but he doesn’t forget nice smile on his face. “I have worked as a civil Lead Engineer for LIWA projects for 3 years with the kind support of other 24 Civil engineers. Until now, we are still into the storm and takes to our heels to catch up the deadlines. Mentioning about LIWA, people will immediately think of unbelievably tight schedule. Yes, it is! Within the peak time of drawings issuance, we had only one or two days to issue a large piperack which normally takes couple of weeks. For urgent case like this, everyone actively received their roles and supported each other, instead of pushing to one person only. Remembering one time that very urgent case, CTCI top manager personally made a phone to CIMAS to strongly urge us to complete a very big piperack on that day. Then a team of more 10 engineers has worked with 1,000 percent of manpower and finally issued the piperack after 12:00 at night. Another difficulty is the input information such as plot plan or piping loading changes continuously while Civil portions often progress ahead compared with other subjects. Thus, whatever changes all make Civil greatly affected. Even changed design concept and design method are big challenges to LIWA team.”

Khanh is fairly positive and humorous person in life

LIWA project is famous not only for its “nightmare duedate” but also for high quality standard. As shared by Khanh, the owner and main contractor require absolutely high design quality; which means all details among technical drawing, model and calculation sheet must be matched at 100%. Change means that every single detail shall be redesigned; which makes the originally estimated manhour of 30,000 increased to 60,000 and 1,500 drawings have been issued. However, thanks to experience harsh time like this, Khanh and his project team establish a gold standard of quality control that received genuine admiration from other design teams.

There is one famous saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. We never feel surprised because we know behind any individual’s glory is considerable amount of effort and unity. Khanh says he feels extremely lucky for coming along with a great team. “They are real soldiers who ‘fight’ unexhaustedly. It’s not a coincidence when many titles of CIMAS Best Employee in the past two years comes from LIWA team. Their consensus and endeavour in a very long time is priceless and no words can exactly describe my appreciation. Personally speaking, all of their support and devotion is the biggest gift that a Lead engineer as me have ever received. Without beloved Civil members, I cannot fulfil my responsibility effectively. I would like to give the title Best Employee of Quarter IV/2017 for all LIWA team members. Honestly, I don’t know how adequate to give back to them, except for inviting them delicious food (laugh out loud!).” When LIWA ran at the peak time, Khanh welcomed the first baby to his family. According to company policy, Khanh was allowed to offwork one week to take care his wife and newborn child. Yet, he silently sacrificed his personal affair to spend time at work. There are some similar cases in LIWA team; those cannot be next to their family on the important day. Luckily, behind their victory is also full support and understanding from their beloved.

Writing to here, we suddenly realized that we haven’t used any beautiful words like “brilliant, excellent, …” to describe our winner. However, we believe that after reading the story, all of you still agree that no one can beat the competition to the Best Employee title of Dinh Viet Khanh. All of his dedication, determination and success are recorded in our mind and heart. Wish Khanh and his LIWA team will be stronger and fiercer until the day project comes to an end.

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