Employees’ Long-Standing Service to the Company

Employees’ Long-Standing Service to the Company

By Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – CIMAS 

For large companies, ten years of establishment and development may not draw much public attention. For CIMAS, however, this number is of great significance since it marks the first milestone of growth and advancement in our history.

Working for CIMAS from its very beginning is a pleasure for me and I would like to share some of my thoughts about the company. There comes a sense of happiness combined with pride when I watch CIMAS gradually develops and prospers. Many of my colleagues would love to tell you about the path CIMAS followed, the achievements it reached, as well as the difficulties and challenges CIMAS has been facing. The contribution of the long-standing employees, among other things, has played a vital role in the company’s advancement. Let me share with you my viewpoint on employee’s long service to the company.

Employee’s long service to the company – different viewpoints

When talking about the Asian culture, Asian people such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and more others are characterized by their loyalty and long service to the company. For many people, long service is a major criterion when they plan for their career path. It is also a required element for their success and their position in the company. Eventually, it becomes a good tradition to be proud of, also a typical national character to be admired.

Meanwhile, there is another perspective widely acknowledged by the younger generation nowadays. To keep pace with today’s ever-changing marketplace that offers a variety of opportunities and challenges, a number of people prefer more frequent work changes. They welcome challenges and wish to be refreshed more often. They think that working in the same place for so long will be more likely to make them sluggish and left behind. It is generally agreed that working with different firms can help individuals to approach new information and assorted knowledge, and give them more chances to cope with difficult situations, which make employees feel more excited about the work they do.

Personal thoughts

Let us move away from judging the above different viewpoints since every coin has two sides. For me, ten years working at CIMAS has helped me to understand more about the necessity of long service.

Being a fresh graduate when I joined CIMAS with a lot of questions in mind, I promptly got full support and encouragement from CIMAS management as well as colleagues. As time went by, we work together and support each other, and hence, an invisible string has linked all of us together, forming a united group. Under such amicable atmosphere and with harmonious relationships among CIMAS members, many of us have acted as brothers and sisters while more others have become husbands and wives. Furthermore, the friendship and fellowship go beyond national borders when we have chances to cooperate with other staff members from CTCI and its subsidiaries. Good memories from work or after-hours activities are being told again and again with excitement and joyfulness. No matter in good times or bad times, in happiness or sadness, all those moments have allowed me to feel the brotherhood in this small house of CIMAS family.

Over the years with CIMAS, I have grown wiser in my thinking. My working experience has been gained as well through the phases of company development. The most important thing that I learned, however, is how to interact with colleagues and communicate between the employees and the management; how to achieve the common goal while working with partners, professionals or any other members in the CTCI Group.

How to build up employees’ long service to the company

From the management’s point of view, it is essential to create employee’s confidence in the company. Once an employee knows well about his or her role and responsibilities as well as value to the company, it will be a motive for the employee to stay with the company. One of the practical solutions that companies often use is to conduct an effective employee performance appraisal, record their achievements and or creativeness, and then reward them appropriately. Another solution is to give the opportunities for employees’ further development. Moreover, certain concern of management board extending to employees’ personal life will strengthen employees’ loyalty and cohesion.

From an employee’s viewpoint, we should perform self-management, abiding by the rules and regulations of the company. Let our working results be helpful to others. Let’s put company benefits with yours together and realize our mission in building corporate culture. Let each of us be a brick to set up the strong foundation for this organization.

For some reasons, a few of my colleagues have to say good-bye to CIMAS to walk on their own way. Nevertheless, those who stay with CIMAS are still going side by side to overcome difficulties in daily pursuits and strengthen our long-standing service to the company. They are generally qualified as role models for new hires to lean and admire, also the valuable asset and cornerstone of CIMAS. Together, let’s step forward with CIMAS to usher in a new era and commit ourselves to its sustainable future.

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