Five Things I want to thank CIMAS

Five Things I want to thank CIMAS

Five years have gone since the first day I joined CIMAS. This duration is not so long and so short; yet enough for me to recognize that CIMAS is really my second family to which I’m in profound gratitude for all the things it brings to me.

1. CIMAS brings me great siblings

Over five years working for Civil Dept., I have witnessed some changes in its personnel; some came and some left; but I know for sure that CIMAS is always in their hearts . Unforgettable memories always recover when we have chance to be together. In the home named CIMAS, never can we see any dispute or scold. CIMAS is a giant family where we work side by side for the development of the company and the “bloom” of our careers. I “owe” CIMAS my heartfelt thanks because it is in CIMAS where I meet trusted colleagues who share all happiness, sadness with me and behave me like closed relatives.

In CIMAS, human value is regarded as the greatest one which is always at top priority. Technical field has long been thought to belong to males. However, in CIMAS, women have such equal chance to develop their technical competence as man. Take a walk around CIMAS office, you will see many ladies working with technical softwares and engineering work. In CIMAS, many important management positions such as deputy managers, project leaders, are taken by women. Technical work is hard for males and extremely harder for females. However, CIMAS gives me a strong belief in my career development although I’m a lady. Despite my gender, I can gain what I expect if I have qualified competence.

3. CIMAS gave me chance to approach rich source of knowledge

After graduating from the university, I ever thought that I had prepared enough for my professional work. However, the fact is far from my thinking. Working for CIMAS, I approach new knowledge and also face up to big challenges. As an outstanding engineering company, CIMAS equipped all engineers with the most updated technical softwares. Therefore, we have chances to access new things including advanced technologies, integrated applications, local and international standards, project management skills etc. We get mature thanks to valuable training courses both in domestics and overseas. In CIMAS, the enterprise culture of young generations to be trained by elder ones started on its very first days is being strengthened and enhanced. The longer I stay with CIMAS, the more I discover its “unlimited knowledge store” which can satisfy the study desire of any CIMAS members.

4. CIMAS gives me a sustainable income:

Over 15 years of operation, CIMAS is step by step fulfilling its mission “ Enrich Employee’s Life”   In the gloomy economic picture appeared in years 2009-2011 when most of the enterprises in the world had to massively lay off their employees to save them from bankruptcy, CIMAS kept surviving and above all, it provided enough works for employees, kept them be fully paid and exercised salary increase as before. According to the “internal statistics” of my Civil department, more and more provincial engineers can afford to buy social apartments in Hanoi Capital for their settlement. For me, CIMAS gives me a sustainable income, which is enough to support my life and makes some savings. In Cimas, I have a steady job, stable income and good working environment.

5. CIMAS gave me “Professional working environment”

Any recruitment candidate ever coming to CIMAS must have been impressed by its beautiful and well-ordered office. CIMAS is proud for providing employees with professional working environment which ranges from the most updated technical equipments to internationalized –standards working space. It is in CIMAS where we can see the cordial relation between boss vs employees and friendly behavior among colleagues. Every year, CIMAS also holds annual health exam, summer vacation, year-end party and many other sport activities such as soccer, tennis, badminton tournaments to improve physical and spiritual life for employees. CIMAS also joins meaningful social campaigns including blood donation, fund raising for poor children in mountainous areas and charitable activities for those who are suffering from serious diseases.

Up to now, CIMAS still remains the ideal destination for those who are willing to devote their youth and talent for the development of the company and the success of their careers. Sometimes, we are offered attractive positions with better income by other companies, but never can we find any company with such good working environment like CIMAS’s. CIMAS is not only a place to work, it is the home for one giant family. I loved CIMAS from simple things like that! Thank CIMAS, thank for giving me one loving family.

2. CIMAS makes me confident in myself:

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