Good Policies Creat CIMAS’s Power

Good Policies Creat CIMAS’s Power

Good policies pertaining to employees are the basis to drive the development of an enterprise. To this end, CIMAS always works on formulating good policies for its employees to recruit and retain talented people.

Meanwhile, CIMAS is dedicated to improving its working conditions by investing in technical infrastructure and facilities for its staff.
As a member of CIMAS, you are ensured to be provided with a professional and dynamic working environment, together with competitive salary, fringe benefits, opportunities for promotion and more others. At CIMAS, equal opportunities are open to the staff to develop and make best use of their abilities, cooperate and share with the others.
We believe that CIMAS’s employees will work with joint efforts towards sustainable growth for the company under the family-like working environment, along with good policies as set forth below:

Salary Policy

Each CIMAS member is offered with competitive salary based on personal ability and work performance. The sound salary policy of CIMAS is performed as a motivation to encourage the staff to strive in their work, helping raise the operational effectiveness for the company.

To reward the staff for their outstanding performance, CIMAS management builds a well-schemed policy related to salary and pay-raise. The salary and pay-raise rate, deserved by each employee, are varied with personal contribution and capability. CIMAS’s salary framework and policy are examined and adjusted annually to keep pace with the market trend.

Career Path Policy

Apart from a pleasant and healthful working environment, CIMAS also works out a career path policy in line with each work position at different level. Under this career path policy, each staff can understand at which level he or she is. Aiming to be promoted to higher levels of pay, skill and responsibility, the employee can improve professional knowledge and capability to achieve this goal.

Qualifications for each position at the company are specified in the job description, which provides staff with the details on salary rate, allowance and reward policy, correspoding topersonal ability and performance.

Trainings and seminars on various diciplines are considered to be the effective approaches for personal career development. Therefore, CIMAS continuously offers favourable conditions and opportunities for its staff to learn and strengthen their professional knowledge and skills through training courses inside and outside the country.

On a regular basis, CIMAS invites professionals and experts to deliver lectures and share expertise with the staff. In additon, on-the-job-trainings, job reallocations and business tripsfor CIMAS’s engineers, through engagement in domestic and overseas projects, are deemed as the best oppertunities for further improvement in every aspect.

To keep pace with the vigorous technology development, CIMAS also focuses on instructing its staff in the application of new technical softwares.

As for the middle mangement team of the comapny, CIMAS organizes advanced training courses to enhance managerial skills and more others to foster potential successors of the management members for the comapny.

Reward Policy

CIMAS has a preferential reward policy to motivate its staff to fulfil their work obligations. The reward of bonus is appropriated by the company to those groups or individuals who make special contributions or perform well at work.

The rewards are announced at the end of each year based on performance appraisal by each management. The reward of bonus is subject to individual work results and effectiveness. By this scheme, talented people can be inspired and promoted with reasonable reward. department

Insurance & Healthcare Policy

Insurance for the employees is a critical part of the risk management for a company. It aims to protect employees against unforeseeable events and losses. The employee will be paid in return as compensation for a specific damage, loss, or injury suffered.

CIMAS’s insurance & healthcare policy offers its employees with Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accident insurance, and annual health checkup. Personal Accidentone purchased entirely by CIMAS for its employees against any accidents whenever and wherever happen. Besides, to ensure that every staff member keeps in good physical conditions, CIMAS encourages each employee to receive health checkup on an annual basis, subsidized fully by the company. insurance, also known as “CIMAS – Care 24h”, is an additional

Wealfare Policy

In addition to competitive salary, yearly bonus and other policies listed above, CIMASmapped out wealfare policy to help employees relieve occpuational fatigue and to improve intellectual, cultural and material conditions for their daily livings.

CIMAS’s welfare policy, oriented on employees’ wellbeings, covers a wide range of special offerings, such as gift and coupon, spiritual comfort, heartfelt blessings and congratulations for siginificant occasions and events, as well as assorted activities, and dividend distribution.

To extend appreciation for employees’ efforts and contributions to the company during previous year, each employee at CIMAS will be entitled to dividend distribution, as a kind of remuneration.

Every year, CIMAS organizes tours for the staff to relax after hard-working days. Taking part in those tours is a good chance to promote teambuilding and enhance overall porductivities. Additionally, diversified out-door activities held by the company demonstrates and care for the staff. CIMAS directors’ concern

Furthermore, CIMAS’s staff are presented with gifts or coupons on the special occasions and holidays of the year. The company is always willing to share hard time and convey deep regreats to the staff in case of any incidents happened in their families.

With such good policies concerning both spiritual and material lives of the staff, CIMAS has become the second home for staff members, where a pleasant and harmonious working environment enables each member to enjoy working and creates high values for the company.

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