Heavy Fuel Oil System – Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant

Heavy Fuel Oil System – Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant

                                                                                         By: Le Tien Dung – Project Control Dept.

Vung Ang 1 thermal power plant project is known as one of the national key projects specially conducted and managed by Vietnamese government. With a design capacity of 1200MW (including two units) and a total investment of over US$ 1.2 billion, the plant  built in Hai Phong village, Ky Loi commune, Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province will be the largest  coal-fired power plant and the most modern technology in Vietnam. The owner of the project PetroVietnam (PVN) and the general contractor, Manufacturing Machinery Corporation of Vietnam (LILAMA) have started implementation of the project from the first quarter of 2010 and will complete it in the fourth quarter of 2013 as project schedule. Annually, the plant is expected to provide about 7.2 billion kWh of electricity, contributing to national energy security .

 Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant (July 2012)

With such a large-scale project, LILAMA has divided it into over 20 small and large packages in order to control and manage the quality as well as the progress of the project. The condition for selecting the contractors as well as suppliers of materials and equipments for the project is strictly required by PVN. All bidders for each package must have experience in successfully performing at least one similar project before. Based on seasoned design experience, together with reliability and guarantee of 2 parent companies, LILAMA and CTCI, CIMAS was confident to well undertake the heavy fuel oil package. With reasonable price and good design solution, CIMAS has been awarded to take on detail design, procurement of equipments and materials of instrumentation and control system and pre-com & commissioning services for this package.

CIMAS Board of Director trustfully assigned Project Department to undertake this task and to well arrange manpower and finance in order to successfully implement this package. For one thing, we can demonstrate the capability of CIMAS to customers; for another, the brand and experience of CIMAS may be established as the basis for the next projects. Determining the importance of this project, from the beginning, Project Department has investigated to anticipate and avoid the risks that may occur in the implementation process.

The detail design work

Unlike other projects with CTCI, all Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and basic design are provided by Licenser and CIMAS just develops P&ID for the detail design based on that. In this project, PVN and LILAMA required the contractor to self-study and propose the optimal solution to modify the PFD in compliance with overall design and startup conditions as well as operating conditions for the plant in this area. In addition, the regulation of naming documents, drawings and equipment following KKS system for common power plants required Engineering Department to study carefully to apply for design work correctly. For previous projects done with CTCI, all databases for 3D Model design, materials take-off (Marian System), etc were created and managed by CTCI. But for this project, all the work has been created and managed by CIMAS. And the greatest difficulty in the design stage is communication and coordination with LILAMA and other contractors for defining and clarifying the interface of control philosophy between this package with Boiler and Distributed Control System (DCS) package.

3D model of heavy fuel oil system

The procurement work

According to the bidding documents (ITB), all materials and equipment are required to use the G7 or equivalent, but PVN only approved a certain number of suppliers in the vendor list. The required documents for supplying materials and equipment are extremely complex. The design standards and design specifications given in ITB are so high that many suppliers cannot meet. This really poses a great difficulty for CIMAS in the evaluation and selection of suppliers. Some suppliers meet technical requirements but they cannot meet commercial terms.  Others can meet two above factors but the price they offer exceeds the approved budget of the project. Thus, CIMAS has to purchase many materials and equipments from foreign suppliers through the introduction of the parent company CTCI. Purchasing from foreign supplier means that CIMAS undertakes additional inspection, customs clearance and goods delivery to the construction site, concurrently CIMAS also mobilizes the fund to share some of the risks at commercial terms with suppliers to reduce costs of the project.

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         CIMAS Engineers are working on goods inspection and hand over at site

Supporting subcontractors during installation and commissioning

As the installation contractor of this project is not CIMAS but another one, this poses an unexpected difficulty. They cannot fully understand our engineering design drawings and also do not have much experience in the construction and installation work or flexibility in solving the actual errors that may often occur at the site. However, for general purpose of the project, CIMAS always enthusiastically supports contractors, answers questions and offers reasonable solutions to guide contractors to execute the construction work. Besides, CIMAS also has to self-study and prepare all documents for pre-com & commissioning procedure with support and assistance from the parent company CTCI.

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 Heavy fuel oil system in  construction and installation

Up to now, the progress of heavy fuel oil package in Vung Ang 1 thermal power plant is still managed and controlled on schedule. Currently, contractors are rushing to finish some small remaining items in order to reach the mechanical completion (MC) milestone. It is expected that by May 2013 this package will start the implementation of the pre-com & commissioning stage, then make commercial operation for the whole plant and connect to national electricity grid by the end of 2013. Completion for heavy fuel oil system till MC milestone is an initial success of CIMAS. However, whether the project is really successful or not depends on the pre-com & commissioning stage. Thus,  a lot of remaining works are waiting ahead. CIMAS will try to coordinate with the owner, general contractor and related contractors to successfully implement the pre-com & commissioning stage for this package as the initial target set by CIMAS Board of Director.

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