In one foggy afternoon of the New Year 2017, I had a pleasant conversation with one lady of small body who had won the award “CIMAS Best Employee of Q4/2016” – Ms. Phan Thi Tam- an IT engineer. At the corner of a café bar, she sat in front of me with the radiant face and sparkling eyes. Her heart seemed to be overwhelmed with happiness and she couldn’t help hiding her inner emotion. In the cheerful voice, she freely shared her thinking about CIMAS over a decade of engagement to this company.

“How long have you been working for CIMAS?” My question seemed to take her back to memories of the days when she put her first steps into CIMAS office. In the friendly tone, she answered: “11 years, 3 months and 17 days.” I’m really surprised at her detail answer because never had I thought that there’s anyone who could remember exactly the time that he or she had been working for a company. It is the fact that many husbands or wives even forget their wedding date though they have just been married for less than 5 years. She made me curious. “Does she have a good memory or is there another reason?”. I asked myself and certainly, I also asked her. She said: “It’s really simple; just because I love my company. CIMAS has long been an indispensable part of my life and may be 10 pages are not enough to write how much I love it”.

“In the year of 2005 and 2006, CIMAS impressed me by the slogan “CIMAS –young, CIMAS-strong”. “Cimas is the family where many brilliant graduates from leading universities of Vietnam converge. They came to CIMAS with great ambition, potential capability and passionate devotion. They were brave enough to plunge themselves into challenges to boost their value and drive the company forward. On my very first days at CIMAS, I was quite excited because 80% of CIMAS staff were men, they were very young and had not yet been married. Maybe it is one of the reasons why a female employee like me is more taken care of. We are like siblings in one big family- consolidated, helpful and considerate”.

“The development of IT Department is paralleled along the growth of the company. The more CIMAS matures, the more complicated projects CIMAS wins. And the more complicated projects CIMAS wins, the more updated hardwares and solfwares it needs. 10 years ago, CIMAS had no more than 40 PCs connected through the initial workgroup. Now, CIMAS owns the “IT property system” of more than 200 PCs connected through the domain and specialized server. Before any upgrading of the IT system, 3 members in my department must prepare a detail plan, foresee all the risks and pre-test carefully to make sure of the smooth implementation and impact avoidance”.
Talking about his employee, IT manager – Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tinh shared: “Ms. Tam is in charge of CIMAS Network Administration, Project Data Management, Database Backup and Maintenance, Authorization and Monitoring for Firewall and Security system, IT Assets Inventory and Maintenance, Document Management and Circle Update and user support… The IT work of a technical company like CIMAS is much different from that of a general one’s. It requires a broad background knowledge of hardware & solfware systems, Firewall, Security, Encryption, Network Protocol Levels and Database Management. Technology is changing over night. Therefore, an IT engineer studies day by day, otherwise, he or she will be “out of date” and cannot meet the work requirement. Self study capability, logical thinking and quick response are the main criteria of an IT engineer. Besides, IT engineer must be the person of hard working, great patience and prompt reaction while there appears any IT problem. In this view, Ms. Tam possesses all these characters to become a good IT engineer.”

Returning to our story, Ms. Tam continued: “The prize that I have been awarded today is the present I would like to send to 2 gentlemen of my department. I’m lucky to have such a good manager, who always encourages and motivates me to perfect myself. Actually, he has never given me any direct compliment but I know I’m silently accompanied by him throughout my career path. If it hadn’t been for his help, I cannot be who I am today. I also would like to convey my sincere thanks to the youngest man in my department for all the support that he has given to me.”

“Working for CIMAS and meeting close colleagues has long been one of my great “demands”. I have two happy families. Every morning, I come to CIMAS where I have a good job and every afternoon, I return to my loving home where my husband and two little babies are waiting for me. There’s one saying that the great essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. I’m a happy one because I have a good job to do, 2 happy families to love and many things to hope for.”

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