Luu Thanh Diep – Cimas best employee of Q3/2016: “I am given too much in CIMAS”

Luu Thanh Diep – Cimas best employee of Q3/2016: “I am given too much in CIMAS”

Albert Einstein ever spoke a very precise sentence: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”. People are often afraid of challenges and they do not know that there  may be a door at the road-end. Successful man is the one who flings himself into difficulties and overcomes all obstacles to reach that door without any fear. These words are extremely accurate for the description of one electrical engineer who dares to turn hardships into success. He is no one else but Mr. Luu Thanh Diep, the owner of the title CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter 3/2016.

Over 6 years working for CIMAS, Diep has spent most of his time working abroad.  In 2013, Diep was assigned to Taiwan for Lin Kou Project. Completing this one, he returned to Vietnam in 2014 for a short time and continued to be dispatched to CTCI head quarter again for YNP Ti-Sponge project. Seeing the best efforts and good working result that Diep has made in Ti-Sponge project, the project manager and leader offered Diep the chance to go to this project site in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as a field engineer. Due to the urgent demand from construction site, Diep had only one day to consider and make the final decision. Understanding this is the golden opportunity that may only come once in a lifetime,  Diep continued packing up  to far KSA’s site. “I was very very nervous because KSA is something too vague in my mind at that time. However, people usually say ‘good thing only knocks the door one time’ and I did not want to say no.”

From a pure technical designer, Diep had to adapt himself to the life of a professional field engineer with responsibility for not only engineering design but also managing subcontractors, procurement work and controlling project quality and schedule. “Fire proves gold, adversity proves men”. Shouldering a lot of unnamable tasks, but never has Diep made any complaints. He shared, “difficulties are so worthy! My life at site is much different from that in the office. This is the first time I have ever seen how my designed products turn into reality. I know what’s right, and what should be modified in my drawings. In addition, I also learn how to communicate effectively with other people, especially with foreigners. Actually, working at site is quite hard but it provides me with precious experiences in return. CIMAS gives me not only a stable job with good income but also chance to enrich my knowledge of both professional work and different cultures. I owe CIMAS BOD, project leaders and colleagues many sincere thanks for these practical experiences.”

To entirely devote time and effort to work like that, Diep needs great support from his family. “I think my achievement today is not from my excellence, but from strong encouragement of my family, especially my wife. I have been in foreign countries (Taiwan and KSA) for many years while my wife is busy taking care of everything at the rear. When I was mobilized to Taiwan, my wife was pregnant. When I came to KSA, my daughter was just six-month old. If I were granted the title “brave soldier”, I would present it to my beloved and determined wife for all of her devotion. I’m a lucky man because in daily life I have strong support from my wife and in work, I’m encouraged and helped by colleagues. Thus, this award is not only for me, for all members in my Electrical Department, especially my big brother Mr. Hoang Duy Phuoc – Electrical manager who inspired me a lot from the day I entered CIMAS.”

It is quite hard to evaluate what “success” really is because each of us has different point of view and definition about it. However, we think this honor award is a stunning success that Luu Thanh Diep has obtained. More importantly, achieving “CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter 3/2016” is the bright start on the road that Diep will go. We believe our brave Electrical engineer will not stop at the first success since many promising destinations are waiting for him.

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