Memorandum at the first time working at the construction site

Memorandum at the first time working at the construction site

                                                                             By: Le Ngoc Tu – Equipment Dept.

Have you ever worked at construction site before and how did you feel about it  for the first time? As an equipment engineer, I have had the first chance going to the construction site with the role of a supervisor of Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant Project. I was very curious and eager to know how the equipment I designed looks at the construction site.

To develop economy in the central of Vietnam, the government invested in Vung Ang industrial zone where Formosa Corporation decided to invest 7 billion USD to build a steel factory. With the purpose of providing electric power for middle area and the balancing national electrical system, Vung Ang thermal plant shall be built up there. With the capacity of 2 x 600MW, it will become  the biggest thermal plant in Viet Nam contributing 10% to the total national electric out-put.

 Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant
Project detail:
Owner: Petrol Viet Nam Corporation (PVN) – the state – owned enterprise.

Total Capital Investment: 1.25 bilion USD.

Capacity: 2 x 600 MW.

Location: Ky Anh, Ha Tinh Province.

EPC contractor: Manufacturing Machinery Corporation of Vietnam (LILAMA).

Contruction starting date: 1 – 2010.

Estimated operating date: Quarter 4 – 2013.

In Vung Ang thermal plant project, CIMAS won some contracts of supplying and supervising services of Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) for heavy fuel oil system. Supervision work was one of my duties in this portion. It was a good chance for me to show my performance and get more experiences. But, there were also a lot of challenges for me. What was needed for this work? How can I do the work without experience and idea?  A series of questions came into my mind. Besides, the hard condition of local site was also a great concern to me. Fortunately, I had got the strong support from my expert colleagues who gave me some useful working advices and location experiences.

With the advantages of having larger separable area and smaller space than other types, CPI had been chosen to separate free oil from water in oily water system of Vung Ang 2 x 600MW power thermal plant.

Before going to site, with the help of co-workers, I had prepared anything which I had confidence such as:

  • Check Equipment status before installtion: there were some parts. There were some lost parts during stocking or shipping, which required a discussion with clients and vendor for a solution before installation.
  • Studied work items carefully and made suited working agenda.
  • Confirmed with client to prepare necessary tools and equipment served for installation work and the labor force too.
  • Reviewed checking reports, handover document and other necessary technical documents.

Although I had set up a checklist and was well-prepared for everything, I couldn’t help  feeling excited while I put my fist step at the site. My heart beat faster and faster. I asked myself“is it because of the working rate and noises here?“No, it is surely caused by my eagerness since this is the first time I explore the site with real equipments and new field of work.”

Observing everything, I found that concrete structure made by other vendor had big tolerance. It would take me much time to specify correct position for installation.

Based on the difference between estimation and the actual situation at site, I had quickly given some solutions to reach smooth working and keep up tight schedule.

  • I had a short talk with all workers to explain the function and operation of nomenclature as well as potential risk resulted from improper installation.
  • There were many workers. So, I divided them into 2 teams to install different part of equipment to push up schedule. Besides, I concentrated on specifying installation positions due to civil  tolerance mistake.

During the installation progress, the owner and EPC contractor also came to the site to inspect, check and learn more about how to operate CPI, control and maintain matters.  They were very strict in working but  willing to share experiences.

With the enthusiasm and careful explanation to clients, the installation work had been finished at last. Final inspection and handover work procedure were very easy because everything was clear. All the works had been finished sooner than schedule. It made me very satisfied.

Luckily, I prepared a camera to take pictures because it was very important to make evidences of potential problems which may arise in the future to share with my colleagues

 CPI inspection

Advices for someone who will work at the construction site for the first time:

  • The most important thing is to know clearly what and how you should do at the site. Please prepare everything as carefullynas you can before you start.
  • If there is something you don’t know, please don’t be shy to ask someone who has more experience. Nobody can know everything at the first time.
  • When you are at the site, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with workers and others. The more you share and explain, the more your work comes smoothly.
  • ·Don’t be afraid when coping with  questions raised by a client or owner.  You are professional in technique and working style. Therefore, you can solve problem if you are confident.

In my point of view – a young engineer, I believe that if we work with our heart and a logical plan, we will complete our duty as expected. Back to the office from this trip with confidence and experience gained is very helpful to me in design work for the next project. I really hope my small effort and contribution could drive plant towards reaching  timely  schedule with good quality.


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