Message from CIMAS General Director to employees on its 15th anniversary

Message from CIMAS General Director to employees on its 15th anniversary

 Dear all CIMASers,

Today on July 14, 2016, CIMAS celebrates its 15th anniversary. Fifteen years have passed since the first brick was put to set up the company in Vietnam.  We have together undergone many ups and downs before obtaining such success as today. Each experience and failure has become valuable lessons to drive us forward

During early days in 2001, CIMAS was founded with around 45 employees. After 15 years, we have grown up with nearly 250 employee. In CIMAS, human is the most precious asset determining the company’s power to overcome any challenge. We have continuously been investing in people and technology, which consequently, directly result in our excellent quality and outstanding reputation.


 High teamwork spirit is also one key factor for our considerable success. We could not have gone this far without the dedicate support and hard work of each CIMAS member. CIMAS is not a company where more than 200 people working together; it is a home for siblings to share daily life and work for the sustainable development. It’s you who create the great values to CIMAS and popularize its trademark widely in both local and overseas market.
On behalf of CIMAS Board of Directors, I would like to express our deepest appreciation for the great contribution you have made to the company. Especially, I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to CIMAS Pioneers who have been accompanying us since the very first days. You are the backborn and also the bright torch of our company. 15 years ago, most of you were fresh graduates; you came to CIMAS with your young ambition and passionate to learn. Along with our shareholders CTCI, LILAMA and SINSERTITY, you were the pioneers laying down the first foundation for CIMAS. You have been growing with the company and today when becoming experienced employees, you continue to breakthrough into new fields of service to perfect CIMAS’s business. You are also the inspired and excellent coach to many young generations at our company. Thank you for all you have done.
Closing the first 15 years is also the time for us to open a new chapter of the company. CIMAS future will be designed by you and we believe in our future success because we have you standing by our side with strong determination, enormous strength and great dedication.
CIMAS General Director
Lee Ming, Shyan
Let’s see some pictures during the celebration !


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