April is coming back, and we, every three month, have opportunity to tell you about  a special character, who just won the title of “Best Employee of the Quarter I/2017”. Behind every victory is a story. And we believe that story we are about to tell you now will inspire all of us to strive and promote ourselves more.

When being informed about his award, the main character in our following story insisted us “please do not give me a lot of compliments! I’m just a normal guy and small person for the great title like this.” Keeping the promise with him, we will do only one mission: re-telling his story. Because we believe the story itself, not our writing skill will make you moved. His touching story will drive you and help you imagine the road he attains the success.

To begin with, the full name of our winner is Nguyen Duc Linh, an engineer coming from Electrical Department. Linh was born in 1988 and graduated from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Faculty, Hanoi University of Technology. He starts our dialogue with a soft voice: “Going to project site has been my burning dream since the first day I entered CIMAS. After several years working as a designer, this dream became my target when I recognized the importance of going out and getting field experiences. Without real experiences, a designer like me often has the feeling of un-confidence when dealing with technical drawings. I live with such a big dream and never stop thinking how I can achieve it.” In 2015, after finishing the business trip of SAMAC project in Taipei office, he earned the great trust of CTCI SAMAC project leader and was recommended to go to the site in KSA of the same project. Finally, his dream came true, he went to KSA in the role of a field supervisor. “Nothing is impossible, as long as you don’t give it up”, we see the pride in his eyes.

Linh with colleagues at KSA site

Seeing Linh, no one can deny that the greatest impression that he leaves on others in the very first time is his bright smile. Never do we see a little of sadness or tiredness on his face. It seems that this man never falls into the blue until we have chance to listen to his sharing. “The day I got on the plane to KSA, I also received a good news that I was going to be a dad. The mixture of happiness and anxiety was the feelings that I brought to the site. Happy because I was stepping on the wide road of career but I also could not escape from the worry about my wife at home. Her pregnancy period is really hard but the hardest time only came when my baby cried at birth coming. Our little girl was born early when my wife was at the 31st week of pregnancy and she needed special care. Receiving this bad news from family while working at site, I had to hide my inner emotions and told myself not to be weak.” The most difficult time has gone and now, his baby is one year old. Coincidently, the first birthday of his daughter was the day Linh knew he was the Best Employee of QI/2017. Time challenges people, and Linh is the winner after all.

“Right now, when all the hardship is over, there remains a deep feeling of gratitude in my heart since I have many good people in my life. I’m thankful to my wife and family’s sacrifice; and also grateful to all CIMAS beloved bosses and colleagues. The first person I want to convey my sincere thanks to is Mr. Phuoc, my Department Manager. Joining CIMAS, I was fortunate to be directly coached by him and more luckily, worked with him in some projects. Understanding my desire, Mr. Phuoc trustfully gave me an opportunity to work at site. And when my family in trouble due to my early baby born, he positively encouraged and arranged manpower so that I can stay in Hanoi one month to take care of her.

“At KSA site, I also have a brilliant leader whose name is  Mr. Chung, Li-Chun, SAMAC Electrical Superintendent. Honestly, I have never met anyone greater and more special than him. High spirit, admirable integrity, proper management and strong dedication to the work make him very different from others. I have learnt many valuable things from him.” Linh couldn’t hide his excitement in his voice. He continued: “Last but not least, I also want to deliver my heartfelt thanks to one of my senior colleague – Mr. Le Quoc Hiep who is my special teacher of English. Without his help my poor English has not yet been improved as it is today. I’m also thankful to CIMAS, CTCI and KSA project site team a lot and I need to devote more and more in response to what I have received. CIMAS is an ideal environment where all employees are fully supported to develop their career, work in comfort and move forward in passion.”

Linh receives the Certificate from CIMAS General Director (the final right) and takes photo with CIMAS BOD

In January 2017, Linh received the Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his excellent performance, devotion and dedication in SAMAC project granted by the project owner. Today, he wins the title of CIMAS Best Employee of QI/2017, which once again affirms his deserve for compliments. Closing the talk with us, Linh shared that he loved his job more thanks to going to the site. Sitting in front of him, seeing his sunburnt skin, understanding his hard working, we silently appreciate engineers like him. And we feel extremely proud since we know there will be many works all over the world built by CIMAS engineers.

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