There is a popular joke saying in Vietnamese language: “Still waters run deep” that indicates man with few words usually makes a big thing. This Quarter, the title CIMAS Best Employee goes to a man like this. We seldomly find him in the centre of a crowd, also not see him try to show off in the company’s important events. However, he has the own way to contribute to the company and we only found him a brilliant person until he was telling us about his work that we have not been heard before. It’s the eleventh year he worked with us as a CIMAS member and it’s never been too late to shine. His time finally comes, and we are writing about Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoang, a Project Cost engineer, also the winner of CIMAS Best Employee of Quarter II/2017.

Hoang received certificate and award from CIMAS General Director (left) and Deputy General Director (right)

Those once worked with Hoang cannot deny that he is an introvert person who is doing more than saying. There is no road covered by rose. Earning the triumph as today, Hoang has overcome many difficult time that few people may know. Graduated from Petro Chemical Faculty of Hanoi University of Technology, Hoang at first worked as a Piping engineer in CIMAS Process Department. Going to the construction sites in Ca Mau, Thailand and then Taipei, he became more experience and master every aspect of engineering. After coming back from the site, thanks to owning the capability of engineering design and project site understanding, Hoang was mobilized to Project Management Department. The simple man did such a good job that General Director decided to move him to Project Control to cover the field of price estimation and cost control. Changing so many jobs like this, he knows that this is the precious opportunity for him to learn new things and challenge him to keep learning and learning. And he has silently learnt for nearly eleven years working for CIMAS.

He used to share with us that the biggest barrier of a “newcomer” like him is “lack of professional knowledge”. Back to the history when CIMAS was changing from a pure engineering service provider to EPC contractor, the function of departments changed a lot, which required employees to flexibly adjusted to a new position. Hoang was not an exception. Standing in front of the giant step of company, this engineer determined not to be left behind. “CIMAS has many crucial factors for every employee to develop and go ahead. We have open-minded leaders, supportive environment and family-like colleagues who never say ‘no’ to each other. I cannot want more than that. CIMAS takes care of me then I should give back something, right?”, he laughs. In Hoang’s position, not only does he has strong self-learning skills but he also need to manage time well. The quotation stage always asks the taker to catch in-time and meet the deadline while still match the requirements of client’s budget limitation, commercial conditions and technical specification.

Minh Hoang (right) with his colleague in CIMAS Year-end party

Thuy Hien, a co-worker in Project Control Department shares: “In life, Hoang is simple, cheerful and humorous. At work, Hoang is a very intelligent and experienced person. The ability to handle work is very good with high concentration. But he does not like to express himself so many people may misunderstand that he is not aggressive. However, the work or project assigned to him is as good as possible and always meets the deadline. He also has experience in the field and learned a lot from the domestic and foreign expertised training so the capacity is highly appreciated.” Also in the words of Hien, teamwork with Hoang brings her a feeling of secure and comfortable. Due to the nature of cost estimating job, each person of Project Control Department can be assigned to take charge as a Chief Estimator. If Hoang is assigned to work on a detail cost estimation such as Piping, Civil…, person as Chief Estimator will be very secure since there are almost no formula or calculation errors; and he even can explain clearly about his part when someone needs to clarify the quotation or the type and material of equipment. If he is assigned as Chief Estimator, he will help others to check the detail worksheet again and suggest relevant issues need clarifying by Cost Estimator. In additions, Hoang is a very careful person. We know that by Phuong Thuy, a colleague worked with Hoang for 7 years then she seems to know him well. “Hoang is meticulous both at work and in life. Whatever he does, he has to have a thorough research and always willing to learn. That’s the reason why he can finish his job excellently.”

On August 23, 2017, CIMAS General Director Mr. Lin, Shin-Pei personally gave the certificate and award to Best Employee Nguyen Minh Hoang. Also in the ceremony, our boss expressed his appreciation to the intense devotion that Hoang has shown. He even can tell us the working history of Hoang in CIMAS that he has known. That may be a thing rarely happenning in other company; but very normal in our CIMAS when bosses can remember all employees’ career path. It’s the way we work, live and congratulate to each beloved member. Another quarter has passed and we never stop being proud of our CIMAS-ers.

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