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CIMAS Football Winter Cup 2015

COME BACK EMPIRE Unlike previous annual football championships which used to take place in summer – the ideal time for sport activities, this is the first time CIMAS change the rule to make it in winter and CIMAS Football Winter Cup was getting started. Due to this year tournament is [...]

CIMAS Football Championship 2014

“Usurpation” CIMAS’s Football Champion of 2014 Here came the summer. As usual, CIMAS Football Championship of 2014 started up and attracted the attention of all CIMAS guys and ladies who always had intense passion for sport. The preparation for the football tournament had been done for months and that was the [...]

CIMAS Badminton Club

After a long hard working day, we feel exhausted and tired of stressful life. If we close the door and stay at home all the time, we may easily get stress and even depression. Our physical and mental health is affected in negative way. In order to maintain a [...]

CIMAS Badmintion Club

                                                                                                          By Nguyen Trung Kien – CIMAS. If you ask me: “What kind of sport is the most favourite in the world?”, I can give you an answer immediately: “It is the soccer”. And, how about in CIMAS? Each company regardless located in Vietnam or in other place in the world [...]