Power of unity

Power of unity

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African proverb.
 In a beautiful afternoon, when everyone was lively debating together about CTCI’s new logo, I was exceptionally fascinated by the image of the highlight yellow hexagon in the logo. It made me think of the honeycombhood that were formed of plenty of hexagons. Bees are species that has highest solidarity in the ecosystem on the earth. I suddenly realized the profound message of the importance of the solidarity to the development of any organization.
African proverb says that:, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We can complete a design of a building, a pipe system or an equipment by ourrself. These creative ideas will be developed in our own way without being influenced by other people and you may quite satisfy with this. However, following such “alone a horse” philosophy, our creative ability will dwindle away.  No interaction with surrounding people will lag  our understanding and knowledge back, and gradually we will be overloaded and stressful …

   Such difficulties can be avoided when working in a team because the core of team work is solidarity. The Oriental introvert while the Occident extrovert. Therefore, the Oriental people prefer working independently while the Occident people focus on teamwork. As Oriental people, each of us has our huge egos. When discuss about something, we always insist on our own views. Many incidents may happen when  working in a group, i.e., the seniors while helping the juniors may accidentally make their own work slowdown, some people are hard working, some people are lazy, … All such inconvenient things will disappear if everyone unanimously unites. Proper task assignments are also important to maximize the work performance and avoid the situation “force the rabbits swim and force the turtles run”.

Belonging to the Oriental, yet CIMAS-ers soon demolish the barriers of the ego and together combine to build up a unified team with tremendous collective strength. Although most of CIMAS-ers are still young, they  are fully awared of the benefits of team work. Furthermore, company leaders also pursue strategies to encourage every CIMAS member to cooperate with each other for the mutual win-win benefits. CIMAS is “covered” with the spirit of solidarity. Despite small or large project, we always see the harmonious coordination among departments, production units and logistic team. When we need any technical information, we can contact with technical specialists and they will help us get it easily. Every day, our computers run smoothly, the working environment is always in good condition with enough light, clean floor, strong internet line etc, or monthly salary remitted on time to our accounts, …. all such things are the results of effective teamwork and solidarity.

 Outdoor and team building activities such as music performances, social responsible activities also help to link us together, build trust and release stress, .. we are not hesitated to share our professional knowledge as well as life concerns. For us, the company is not only a workplace but also our second family.

I have worked for several companies before entering CIMAS but hardly can I find any company with  such sincerity, trust, and love as we have in CIMAS. This company’s special culture do help CIMAS to develop from a nameless to become one of the leading engineering service provider in Vietnam.

Team work makes CIMAS successful. The achievements that CIMAS obtains are the result of workforce’s competence, enthusiasm and above all, the solidarity of both board of management and company’s work forces. It is the golden key for the CIMAS’s development over 15 years. We believe in our development on the way ahead because we have solidarity.

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