Ten Years Development of CIMAS CIVIL Departmen

Ten Years Development of CIMAS CIVIL Departmen

By Nguyen Ha Thanh – CIMAS

Growing along with the development of Vietnam’s economy, CIMAS’s reputation as an Internationalized Provider of Engineering Services in Vietnam is gradually recognized through numerous projects that CIMAS was involved as a subcontractor. All CIMAS departments have experienced many development phases and made great contribution to the success that CIMAS has achieved. Over the past years, our Civil department, like the others, has played an important role in building CIMAS prestige as today. Now, Civil Department continues to be an initial part of the company, motivating CIMAS toward a higher level – becoming an EPC contractor in the near future. With passion and endeavors, approximately 40 civil engineers working together, consolidated into one strong team to overcome difficulties and conquer challenges.

It can be said that in modern countries, civil field including building and industrial construction is highly developed. Taking Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other countries for examples, where we can see that civil construction has almost reached its saturation point. High-rise buildings, shopping malls, factories, plants are almost available everywhere. However, in developing country like Vietnam, civil construction is just in its booming period.  Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other large cities in Vietnam look like great construction sites.

Under such circumstances, the annual investment capital poured into construction sector is over VND70,000 billion and the labor force serving for this industry is also very high. Even a young civil graduate without any working experience can find a job easily because many opportunities are surrounding them. The work that they have to do is keeping familiar with what they have learned in the university. However, in CIMAS, civil work has its own specific features. It is not entirely the same as the knowledge that undergraduates acquired during their study period. Engineers recruited by CIMAS must undergo training programs to get familiar with corporate rules and regulations as well as the work assigned here. Therefore, it is quite difficult for CIMAS to recruit civil engineers. However, with the reputation CIMAS earns, Civil department of CIMAS continues to grow and becomes stronger and stronger. In the past, the civil engineer is engaged mainly in detailed design. After 10 years of development, our civil team can perform most of the stages in the design process to build a factory and the senior engineers are able to undertake various projects not only limited to oil & gas sector.

Year 2005 was a milestone for Civil department when they took over the design work of 35 buildings including 12 of substation building, control building, library, and main administration building in Dung Quat Project. This was the first large-sized oil refinery project in Vietnam and CIMAS worked as a Technip’s subcontractor. The project was completed on time with high quality and that helped CIMAS trademark to be widely acknowledged.   In 2008, Civil department also marked another great success when CIMAS was awarded the first EPC project – King Whale factory at Dai An industrial zone in Hai Duong City with the capital of VND60 billion. After completing the design work including architectural, structural, plumbing design, CIMAS civil team was a potential candidate for the position of a subcontractor in charge of construction, management and operation of this project. This success we gained once again affirmed the outstanding capacity of CIMAS civil engineers and laid a solid foundation for the company to deeply penetrate into the construction field.

The target of becoming an EPC contractor, of course, requires CIMAS to overcome many challenges. CIMAS needs to improve both professional and managerial skill. Besides upgrading internal capacity, CIMAS also has to create and maintain good relationships with government agencies, partners, clients and customers. The competition among contractors to win local project is getting fierce, but with the strong support from parent company CTCI, CIMAS can confidently take its first step on the way to become an EPC contractor.

As an integral part of the company, Civil department needs to complete many tasks. Due to increasing demand and attractiveness in local market, Civil department has to face with the manpower decrease. Many of them resigned and went for another opportunity. Therefore, providing a clear career path for employees to help them foresee their future is a crucial task for CIMAS management. Refining company’s policies to retain outstanding engineers is also a top priority among other things. For Civil department, they have to enhance both professional knowledge and managerial skill to meet the requirements of clients. Additionally, creating a professional and friendly working environment for all members will help to keep employees staying long with CIMAS and moving forward together.

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