This article is written during the time that Tet holiday is coming and people are quickly wrapping undone things and eagerly preparing to welcome a New Year. However, there is a CIMAS engineer standing on the threshold of 2017 but is still focusing on running Ti -Sponge project at the site of King of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We would like to mention about Truong Le Hung – CIMAS Piping Leader for Ti-sponse project – who recently honored with award of CIMAS Best Employee of the year 2016.

Listening to Hung’s share, we are extremely impressed by his tight daily working schedule. Hung tells that the camp is located 35 kilometres far from the project site. Therefore, he has to wake up very early at 4:45am to prepare and have breakfast at his camp so that he could take a mini bus to depart to the project site at 5:50am. A working day starts from 6:30am and ends at 5:30pm and everyday happens the same. Due to the final phase of construction stage, the work loading is getting heavier and heavier than ever, including checking site conditions, updating technical drawings, controlling material and trouble-shooting problems… In addition, the climate at the job site is very harsh, but it did not discourage Hung hesitate in stepping ahead. Le Trung Kien, Piping Department Manager shared, although Hung has just involved in leading project work for recent 3 years, but Hung is very keen on learning management experience from other leaders. Hung handles the project very smoothly because he knows how to make smart communication and coordination with higher management and deliver flexible supports to his team members.

This is the first time Hung has gone to project construction site after eight continuous years implementing design work. This chance came very nature after Hung has completed his mission as a piping engineering job leader for 1.5 years and was highly appreciated by CCJV team for his outstanding performance. Engaging deeply into Ti-sponse project from the early engineering stage, it is not difficult for Hung to complete the job successfully. Once again, Chiyoda Project Director has personally decided to name Hung in the list of key persons to continue in charge of pre-commissioning of the project. Piping Manager Le Trung Kien is very proud when Hung become CIMAS’s first piping engineer could participate into the trial run phase of such a big project. Kien strongly believes that Hung will gain and bring back valuable lesson-learnt from the job site to share with CIMAS members to enhance the capability of EPC project execution in the future.

In the talk with us, Hung seems to forget that Lunar New Year is coming very near. When asked, he smiles: “Tet is a big event that everyone is waiting for. This year, I can’t enjoy Tet holiday with my family but it’s also very important that I have chance to learn more new knowledge in pre-commissioning stage. This is a golden chance that may not come again in my career.” Mr. Nguyen Duc Doan, a Project manager of CIMAS appraised that Hung always shows himself a proactive leader in project controlling and solving problems.

When working in CIMAS office, Hung sets a good example in his leadership and responsibility. He is also very aggressive to involve in organizing outdoor activities for piping department, connecting and consolidating group members, building up cheerful atmosphere. Several company events such as summer vacation, year-end party music performance, annual football competition … are very successful when having Hung’s contribution and participation.

In 2016 CIMAS Year-end party, CIMAS Former General Director Mr. Lee Ming Shyan has personally delivered the honor awards to Piping Department since Hung cannot stay in Vietnam at the moment. Cheering the glory victory with Hung in the exciteness atmosphere of a party even though Hung stays very far from here, we profoundly admire his dedication and sacrifice to CIMAS. Dear Hung, whereever you are working now, we always remember your image as the eagle widely spreading his wings to fly tirelessly conquering the arid desert!

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